When Even the Mainstream Media is Noticing…

…you’ve lost the battle – maybe, even, the war.

The Left looks at the Cancel Culture, the Deplatforming, and the stranglehold they have on the televised news, and thinks, “We’re WINNING!”

Because so many in that group are unacquainted with any of the Normals, except as 2-dimensional characterizations, they miss the essential point:


Not cowed and fearful.


Not stupid enough to posture with weaponry in public venues.

But, I’ve had many conversations with people who are not activists, nor unusually hardcore NLD. Just regular folks, trying to live a decent life.

And, they’re getting no help from government. In fact, the government seems to be going out of its way to hinder that goal. And, it’s starting to make them angry.

Angry enough to:

First, secure their own responsibilities (family, friends, neighbors). Prep. Install those security features on the property. Arm up. Start a Bug-out stash – both money and supplies. Get fit. Learn skills that may come in handy in any economic/political disruption.

Second, start connecting with each other. On the QT. Offline. NOT plotting sedition, but preparing for the other side to strike first. The same plan that the Minutemen (the original ones) had. Don’t start nothing, but don’t back down.

Prepared. For whatever comes their way.


    • TRX on February 23, 2021 at 3:37 PM

     both money and supplies

    We’re not at “hyperinflation” yet, and money is a *very* useful thing… but you need to balance “hard goods on your shelves” vs. “fiat currency that could lose its value before you can spend it.”

    • enn ess on February 23, 2021 at 4:52 PM

    May I correct you in your intro! People are not “starting” to get pi$$ed off, they “ARE” pi$$ed off. We have simply not taken it to the blatantly obvious level as yet.
    Most all I know have all but given up on the nooze media and most televised info channels, watching on TV only documentaries or movies they may be interested in. The main reason: we are sick to death of the talking heads and their guests telling us “we are scared”, and our “democracy” is under attack.
    First off we are not scared, we are PI$$ED to the level of yelling at that inanimate boob tube regarding the utter nonsense falling out of their pie holes. We are PI$$ED at these imbeciles referring to this as a democracy which it is not and never has been. As you very well know, it is a Republic, ruled by a written Constitution based upon Christian values and rooted in Natural as well as English Common Law. As they say, “Rule Of Law”, and not majority rule as all democracies are. No amount of chicanery or game of charades is going to change that. I and those I know will call them on it.
    I thank you for your breath of sanity in our ever increasingly insane world. Your writing offers a ray of sunshine in an otherwise overcast world.  

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