Some Thoughts on Class

It’s a very un-American thing to focus on class (the more nuanced Elite will, sometimes, but point out that this is just an artifact of our bigoted system, and if we just give the lower classes access to a stable income, that will all go away). The term “socio-economic class” is used, again, with the idea that money is somehow a pivotal part of it.

Which, it really isn’t. Even with money, the Clintons are never going to be fully accepted by the Elite. And, no matter how many little money a child of an Elite makes, they will retain the ability to call in a few favors, and use connections to get their way out of trouble.

It’s interesting, there are a lot of links to other readings, and, well, I think you may find it as fascinating as I did.

But, don’t neglect this interesting dissection of class in America by a person who did manage to move upwards out of his class.


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