Did You Know This?

Obama was the second President to graduate from Harvard Law School. Hayes was the first.

I’d always assumed that JFK had a law or graduate degree. He didn’t. He attended Stanford for a short while, then left without a degree.

His undergraduate grades weren’t all that impressive. He was in the second tier of his class. If it hadn’t been for his thesis (later turned into a book “While England Slept”), he would not have gotten cum laude status. And, from what I’ve heard about his writing – he got a LOT of help from some friendly writers. Essentially just about everything he wrote was apparently ghost-written.

He did receive a BS at Harvard, but – from what I can tell, a BS was NOT necessarily either Science or Math heavy in coursework. There is only one Physics course shown, and he made a mediocre grade.

Hey, Special People, Special Rules!