Pelosi Chose Her Military Quisling Well

HonorĂ© was likely right about the number who are – by Pelosi’s definition – “unreliable” soldiers (not fully committed to implementing the Leftist schema). The thing is, I know people who work in that field. At one time, I taught the students of Fort Jackson’s military families (my school had about 1/3 of the population composed of those kids). So, I am familiar with their thinking and cultural norms.

Pelosi now has the excuse to weed out those soldiers. I would suggest to them – DON’T spend to the limit of your budget. Keep in touch with people outside of the military who can help cushion your sudden ouster, should there be a purge (what am I saying – of COURSE there will be a purge).

The stateside, cushy assignments will go to the pliable types. Crap assignments will be the lot of those who fulfill their oath.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next few months (hopefully not years).