How to Make Life Suck Less

I was thinking about this very thing this morning, when I ran across John Wilder’s post. I won’t excerpt it, you need to read it for yourself, along with the comments.

The thing is, terrible things do happen to people – even those who work hard to live a good life, pay their own way, give to others as they are able, and live according to their own moral rules.

Many of those who were stricken with COVID and other illnesses were victims of happenstance – just random bad luck. I’m not one that claims that ‘All is by God’s Will’. While I do believe that he cares about us, I don’t think that every step is part of a predetermined plan of action.

I think he mostly allows us to determine our own life outcomes, by that concept called Free Will. He has given us the broad guidelines for having a good life, but sometimes we – and others – screw up that path.

And, when life goes off the rails, many of us (OK, MOST) make it worse by our reactions to the crisis. We take shortcuts to ease our pain. We tell convenient lies, rather than painful truths. We slump into our worst habits, avoid the hard work of getting back on track, and complain – a LOT – about how Life is Unfair.


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