Just saw this on my Facebook account.

[Sad Face]

Isn’t that a hoot!

I’m loving it – apparently, just posting a picture is such a dangerous incitement to revolt (VIOLENTLY), that they had to STERNLY warn me about it!

Should I respond to the ban by commenting?


  1. It would be like flagging one of those “I work from home and made $90,000 in three months trolls.  I think you’d be in a losing contest with an algo.  
    The basic situation here is that this censorship by government agents is an abomination.  Alternate platforms are what we need.  Or, better yet, just abandonment of social media altogether.  The first post might make sense with most accounts but thereafter it just becomes something out of a meth party.  The whole medium makes me crazy.  The chance of any person reading something on social media and changing thinking or behavior is up there with, to steal from some wit, being struck by lightning while holding a winning lottery ticket.

    • enn ess on March 8, 2021 at 4:14 PM

    Might be funny if you replied that you were offended and find their very community standards intolerable……
     Maybe it’s just me, but for the life of me I simply cannot understand how anyone can be so fragile and shallow as to have their entire existence and social actions revolve around who posts what on a social media platform, 95 % of whom they have never met or have the possibility of meeting in their entire lives.
     I think Col. B. Bunny has it right, we need more human interaction and less media interaction. You remember not that many years ago when everything was a lot more pleasant throughout the world. That was the days “Before” social media when people actually talked amongst themselves. Now a group of people will all go to dinner and sit around texting each other, not a word spoken amongst the bunch….. And people wonder if there is any hope for the human race. Not if it keeps on going this way. What’s the point?

    • robert william orians on March 8, 2021 at 4:26 PM

    I got fed up with Suckerburgs blatant disregard for our freedom of speech about 3 months ago and now I only go there for the very good marketplace function and a local homes for sale and rent which is profitable for me as I rent a home here on my farm . The only other free resource available is craigslist and I have had my posts pulled many times there also . We belong to an underground church and they pull our posts often if we mention guns,Jesus , or anything radical like liberty . 

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