What More Will It Take?

     Retired Lieutenant General Russel Honoré has proposed a permanent military guard force for the District of Columbia:

     A task force charged with making recommendations to boost congressional security after a deadly Jan. 6 pro-Trump mob assault on Capitol Hill has proposed establishing a permanent military presence ready to go at a moment’s notice in Washington, D.C.

     The security review, led by retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who ran military relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, recommended establishing a permanent National Guard quick reaction force, or QRF, for all of D.C.

     “Deadly mob assault” my bleeding ass.

     The Usurper Regime’s fear of Us the People is thick enough to cut with a knife. Can this really be the presidential ticket that claims to have received 81 million votes?

     If I may cite one of my Co-Conspirators, these are not the actions of a victorious government. Indeed, every move the Usurpers have made has shrieked their fear of us. They’re moving swiftly to spin a protective cocoon around themselves. Were they confident that they have the consent of the governed, would any of this have happened?

     The so-called “riot” of January 6 featured exactly no weapons and only trivial damage to the Capitol building. Indeed, the DC police literally escorted protestors into that building and stood around for photos. Yes, a few people died – but none because of aggressive action by any protestor. If that constitutes an “insurrection” that justifies garrisoning the nation’s capital and assembling a military unit explicitly assigned to its “protection” — i.e., keeping the Usurpers safe from the aroma of us riff-raff – I can’t imagine how the Usurpers would respond to a seriously angry protest march. Nukes, perhaps?

     Please also see Linda’s piece on the emerging “crazy-ass dictatorship.” Yet few Americans have been moved to do more than complain to their like-minded friends and neighbors. If patriots don’t come up with a counterstroke soon, everything we once honored about these United States will be gone – possibly forever.

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    • Evil Franklin on March 11, 2021 at 12:02 PM

    Perhaps it’s time to start depositing our garbage, literally, against the fences to make our point.  Demonstrating our disgust by throwing our garbage at their feet seems like a time honored solution.  Drive by garbage.  Of course burning bags of feces could work also.

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