Should They Stay, or Go?

Migrants, that is.

For a long time, there have been several classes of migrants:

  • Those looking for opportunities – mostly economic in nature
  • Those looking to escape poverty, crime, and horrific governments in their home countries
  • Those hoping to be reunited with their families in the USA, some of whom may not necessarily have legal status, which would entitle them to sponsor a family member
  • Those looking to take advantage of America’s many opportunities to engage in criminal activity
  • And, the smallest number, those who are leaving their home under dire threat of death or lengthy imprisonment (and those prisons are NOT Club Fed-type)

Trump started a new policy (actually, an old one, but one that had not been used in many years). He instructed would-be refugees to apply for asylum in the nearest safe country to their country of origin. As a result, Mexico got a large portion of the Central American – and other – travelers.

I believe that Mexico was given some financial assistance in managing this influx of people. Many stayed only a short time, realizing that it could be years before they were able to have their claims acted upon. Most returned home.

Biden, and other “more knowledgeable and compassionate” Leftists, decided to scrap that “inhumane policy”. As a result, bodies flooded North, and Biden’s cages Humane Temporary Residences are creating photo ops that are humiliating to the pResident. Even the media is noticing this.

And, when you’ve lost the Puppydog Media, you’ve lost Amerika – not only those who love her, but also those who spell it with a ‘K’.