CWII – How the Same Problems Persist

I actually studied American History in college – BEFORE it became Woke.

One of the themes of history is how a problem that is not decisively dealt with will recur, again and again. Truly, you cannot put off for the future, a problem of today.

Make a decision. Live with the consequences. End of story.

The Missouri Compromise is an example of a bad idea, that tried to strike a balance – for every Slave state admitted, one Free state would join. It worked – sort of – until those who were incapable of accepting any other ideas than their own decided to mess with the plan.

The compromise was in jeopardy when Kansas was being considered for statehood. BOTH sides decided to load the deck, so to speak, and activists on BOTH sides flooded into the state, turning it into Bleeding Kansas, so named for all the murders that were committed by this activists.

It was blatant domestic terrorism – on BOTH sides. And, it led to sentiments – on BOTH sides – being ratcheted up to the 19th century equivalent of nuclear. Kansas became the center of lawlessness and violence.

All to win a political fight.


Don’t underestimate just what an impassioned and ruthless activist can, and will do, in the effort to win.

You have been warned. Keep your guns ready and your powder dry.