Pearls of expression.

This was [Martin] Gurri’s main thrust. The book’s [The Revolt of the Public] striking feature however, was how it seemed so completely to nail the coming Trump and Brexit era – and the ‘anti-system’ impulse behind them. In America, this impulse found Trump – not the other way around. The point here essentially being that America no longer saw Red and Blue as the two extended wings belonging to the bird of liberal democracy. For something around half of America, the ‘system’ was rigged towards a profiteering 0.1%, and against them.[1]

In the United States, the cure is populism, decentralization, boycott, and nullification. A bark-on tree branch to the crystal palace of unconstitutional central government and its gross social and economic mismanagement, legal betrayal, and contempt for the people.

That government is even now financing transportation and housing for illegal invaders of the country. Once our government was staffed with people who believed it was their sacred duty to defend the country against invastion. Now it is staffed by people who figuratively rush ammunition and supplies to an invading army.

[1] “Leviathan Mobilises for Decisive Battle.” By Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture Foundation, 3/15/21.