When you tune to the right frequency . . .

. . . it’s ALL b_______.

Inflation is already raging, but the government and Fed tell you it is 1.5%. There are 261 million working age Americans and only 127 million are employed full-time, but the government tells you the unemployment rate is 6.2%, when more than 50% of those capable of working are not. The government will tell you GDP soared in the first quarter at 6%, when we are in the midst of a government created [lockdown] Depression, and the GDP calculation is nothing more than the government borrowing trillions from future generations and giving a minuscule portion to current generations, with the vast majority going into the pockets of billionaire oligarchs, Wall Street, and mega-corporations. The “economic recovery” narrative is entirely false . . . .

Who’s Shaking The Jar, Part 2: 2020 Was The Turning Point In History.” By Jim Quinn, ZeroHedge, 3/25/21 (emphasis removed).


    • robert william orians on March 27, 2021 at 9:21 PM

    50 percent unemployment ain’ t  b ad  for a democrat  .  I remember Jimmah ! 

    1. I remember 18% mortgage rates then too. I went for it with my wife and refinance as quickly as I could but that was what you might call a punishing rate. The house as increased in value over 500% but I have a feeling those gains will evaporate sooner rather than later. Maybe not. The DC area is supposed to be bulletproof but . . . we’re not in Kansas any more.

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