The Great Skewering.

The lockdown of the world by politicians following the direction of health care “expert” models has proved to be the absolute worst decision since the leaders of Europe thought the conflict started in July 1914 would be over in a few weeks. It is now clear the lockdowns were used as the main lever to undermine our democratic elections and remove Trump from office. The virus and lockdowns were used by the Deep State to ensure victory in November with an onslaught of fraudulent mail-in ballots in Democrat controlled swing states and cities.

The lockdowns were also exploited by the jar shakers [to maximize internal conflict] to destroy small businesses and shift their revenues to mega-corporations like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target. The destruction of the last vestiges of free market capitalism occurred in 2020, as the government, in collusion with the Federal Reserve, picked the economic winners (them) and losers (you), decided whether you were essential, redistributed wealth from the poor to the rich, set us on a path towards socialism, and laid the groundwork for the Great Reset.[1]

These swinish overlords are intent on destroying centuries of custom, tradition, and common sense in a matter of a few years. A massive game of “52 Pick Up.”

They think they can glue on wings and soar through the skies. But just wait till they face a massive withdrawal of assent and cooperation, not to mention an enormous economic spasm. Laws melt like butter when people don’t agree that they are just or that their proponents are decent, sane or patriotic. If nothing else, consider self-defense laws. What are they but a minefield for the law-abiding and a Godsend for criminal class. State-of-the-art America. The righteous fear the law. Good luck wasting some AntiFa piece of filth. Just ask Kyle Rittenhouse.

This really is a must-read article. The purposefulness behind all of this is brilliantly brought out by Mr. Quinn. Note especially what he has to say about the death throes of an empire.

And if “purposefulness” doesn’t sit right with you, consider that so far as any political or cultural issue or any government decision are concerned the actual decision that issues forth with trumpets blaring is ALWAYS the wrong one — the one that celebrates depravity, stupidity, waste, inflation, debt, hostility to production, profligacy, war, baseless hatred of the Russians, hatred of whites, hatred of Christians, parasitism, poisonous feminism, the undermining of common decency and common sense, destruction of the rule of law, and cowardice. And the lies fall from the skies like rain.

[1] “Who’s Shaking The Jar, Part 2: 2020 Was The Turning Point In History.” By Jim Quinn, ZeroHedge, 3/25/21 (emphasis removed).


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    • robert on March 28, 2021 at 6:00 AM

    I watch many  religious services of almost every denomination existing in America . I’ve been to many churches where they declared that their way was the true and only way to spiritual enlightenment . It did not take me long to discover that like the Apostle Paul ,  I and they see through a glass darkly [ 1st Cor. 13:12 ] . Soon the Russian and American people will figure out that we are brothers and sisters in Christ and the bogeyman is actually the governments and not the people . Growing up in a protestant denomination I was taught that the Catholics were devils and infidels . Then I met a Catholic lady . She was absolutely filled with Gods Spirit and full of His Love . Then I met another one . And another one . Denomination may be the actual devil I’m thinking as Dr Michael Brown found out after the destruction of that great Pensacola Revival by the forces of denominationalism   within the Assemblies of God Church .    Goverments and denominations are the tools that the devil uses to divide and conquer . I refuse to yield to the hatred of a brother or sister in Christ . When they shake the jar I know who it is that needs stung . 

    1. I enjoy listening to Christian radio. It’s rare that I find the speaker not trying to address the problems of suffering humanity. Some of it can be a bit dogmatic at times but I can always get something out the program, even if it’s just more understanding of Christian doctrine. I particularly enjoyed listening to The Bible Answer Man when I worked in D.C. I’d listen to him on the way home. He was common sense personified. A caller asked him if it is possible for angels to have sex with humans and TBAM advised him not to concern himself with esoteric stuff and just stick with the basics. A great, great answer.

      I’m not familiar with the Pensacola Revival and will explore. I’m always interested in how and why some people are able to make headway in persuading many people to redirect their thinking. Obviously, I’m curious to know how the current wave of mental instability or ramped-up stupidity can be transformed into something healthy and logical. Hard times rather than logic are probably what’s on the menu.

      I think you’re right about denominations. Governments too, of course. A dear friend is fond of saying you have to interpret scripture in the light of scripture, if I recall her words correctly. There always has to be something to act as a brake on people who become unbalanced in their interpretations.

      I am not a believer so I can’t say I see others as brother and sisters in Christ. But the concept is simple enough — look for the person underneath and assume, as the Christian Scientists do, that you are looking at God’s perfect creation. A fanciful notion that in these recent hours but a powerful tool. If you don’t see the perfection, that is your Mortal Mind failing you or influencing you.

      The demonization of the Russians and “Assad the Butcher” is plainly from diseased thinking. There’s zero Russian threat to anyone but “our” government is publishing the notion that they’re soulless animals bent of world domination. I am not making this up. Not to mention that we’re waging reckless, illegal wars over a third of the globe. How do the Russian compare to how WE act?

    • Hoagie on March 28, 2021 at 11:57 AM

    Great article.    Who are YOUR PEOPLE???

    1. Indeed.

      White American of European descent chiefly, with a seat at the table for anyone who has endeavored to refine himself or herself and not act like an ignorant, arrogant, vicious jerk.

    • Hoagie on March 28, 2021 at 4:58 PM

    What I meant by “who are your people”, Col  is that whether others like it or not America was built by White, Christian people.    So when some leftist says to me “you’re just afraid of losing power” he’s damn right.    It’s MY country not theirs.    It’s an insult to the 12 generations of my family here since 1752 who fought everyone frome Indian tribes to Mooslems to keep America Free.     Nobody calls Japanese or Korean or Chinese racist for refusing immigration.   Just white founded countries are expected, nay demanded to turn over their sovereign God given rights.   Try telling the Saudis they MUST take blacks, Whites or Hispanics into Mecca and see where that gets you.  Try telling the Japs they need to import a million Mexicans or the Koreans they need to take in 2 million Africans.    But if you’re a White Christian American you’re “raaaaacist” if you believe this is a White country, founded by and for Whites.     BTW, I’m married to a Korean and have two black foster sons (grown up now).    Yet I get called a White supremacist daily by leftists on blogs.

  1. Amen to that, Hoagie. The idea that I would go to China and demand public benefits, voting rights, and the immediate importation of millions of white or other Americans is absurd. Would I immediately write articles pointing out the moral deficiencies of the Chinese people? Would I organize pressure groups to demonstrate and attack Chinese and expect to have the Chinese state sit on its hands? But all of that is par for the course in the U.S.

    The doctrines of “multiculturalism,” “nationofimmigrants,” “propositionalnation,” and “livingConstitution” are pure poison for the white, European majority as they are designed — and propounded to the skies — to neutralize any white appreciation of this being OUR nation which we have generously, but mostly stupidly, shared with foreigners and minorities who clearly have a healthy leavening of hatred for white people. I don’t care how many Sidney Poitiers there may be. God bless every one and welcome but the reality is the Danny Glovers, Harry Belafontes, Maxine Waterses, and Stacy Abramses. And the AOCs and Ilan Omars in other “communities.” For Heaven’s sake, Islam has a core doctrine that Muslims cannot be ruled by infidels. Yet we are supposed to welcome this subversive-by-definition group with open arms and showers of cash.

    Whites can protect our majority and culture without mistreating those non-whites who are already here. And there’s for damn sure no reason why any foreigners who’ve come here illegally should EVER be granted citizenship. We should deport by the millions but if we are as weak and feeble as I think we are at least we can insist on mere resident status for them and their progeny. But then, in America, there are no consequences for attack whites or trashing our country and its laws.

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