Pushing The Outside Of The Credibility Envelope

     Courtesy of Weasel Zippers, we have this literally incredible story about Joe Biden’s “popularity:”

     Joe Biden approaches the 100-day mark of his presidency with a relatively strong job approval rating and the public continuing to express positive views of the coronavirus aid package passed by Congress last month. Moreover, nearly three-quarters of Americans (72%) say the Biden administration has done an excellent or good job managing the manufacture and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to Americans.

     Currently, 59% approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president, while 39% disapprove. Biden’s job approval rating has increased modestly from 54% in March. Biden’s job approval is comparable to several of his predecessors – including Barack Obama and George H. W. Bush – and much higher than Donald Trump’s in April 2017.

     Hm. Let’s see, now:

  • Biden is plainly sick and senile.
  • His down-ticket “coattails” were negative.
  • He was “elected” by a barrage of election-law violations.
  • He and his family are currently being investigated for corruption;
  • He’s unwilling or unable to hold a press conference at which he’ll take questions.

     Moreover, his policies have already:

  • Worsened unemployment;
  • Embarrassed the U.S. internationally;
  • Grotesquely inflated the price of oil and gas;
  • Encouraged regional expansionism by Red China;
  • And provoked a new flood of illegal aliens into the United States.

     That casts a smidgen of doubt upon this PEW “report,” n’est ce pas?

     What we have here is a media-supplied lie to buttress the lies that put Biden in the Oval Office. After all, a “president” elected by the votes of 81 million Americans (an estimated 59 million of whom were actual, living American citizens) must be popular, at least during his “honeymoon” period. As the media were jointly and severally responsible for Biden’s installation in the White House – and installation, as with a mindless service gadget, is exactly the right word – they must continue to buttress the Big Lie of Biden’s “legitimate election” with whatever other lies are required to support that earlier deceit.

     But the credibility of the media and the various polling companies is already questionable. How much can this new lie about Biden’s “higher than Donald Trump” popularity persuade a public that’s suffering the consequences of the Biden Usurpation – a public that has already lost much of its former faith in the major media and the demonstrably partisan pollsters? Is it a vain stroke in a losing cause?

     Winning or losing, it’s all of a piece – and it won’t stop until the Biden figurehead is “de-installed” from the Oval Office.


    • robert william orians on April 17, 2021 at 8:52 AM

    We have a feral news media attempting to fleece the minds of the people . Unfortunately most of those  minds were destroyed by the government indoctrination centers we call schools .As I walk around Ruralking today where they will ask you to leave the store [Ohio] if you aren’t wearing a mask I notice that every employee has their mask pulled down off of the nose so they can breathe . But they will ask you to leave and call the sheriff if you refuse . I wear mine down around my neck and nobody says a word . My magic mask is effective because our tyrant governor says it is . Is there any hope left for America ? I am starting to doubt  it . Before this is over  I  shall surely worship Slo Joe Biden and believe that we have a constitutional right to murder babies in the womb . Except I haven’t turned on a tv for 12 years and don’t watch any mainstream media . Period ! I get my news from websites such  as this one and my inspiration from the Bible . I may need to be sent to a re-education site for programming soon . Some good news from Ohio though . Our  legislature just  passed a bill to remove the governors mandates unless approved by said legislative body . Take that Dewine !

    • enn ess on April 17, 2021 at 1:48 PM

    I am always skeptical of any poll by any organization for any reason. The outcome is entirely dependent upon  who takes the pole, the demographic asked to respond to the pole, and the outcome desired from the pole.

    Sure you can get a poll that 59% of people approve of the job xi ping ding dong & cousin spread eagle are doping, if those you ask are all living in blue hive controlled areas. Ask the group actually working for a living. I’m guessing his approval rating will be in the single digits….. But then I’m giving him undue credit with that since he is nothing more than a fraudulent regime leader…

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