Update on the 2020 Elections

You might think this is over. You would be wrong.

The battle continues.

I’m pretty exhausted. In addition to the normal craziness of life, I’ve been battling some health/mobility issues. I’ve been working on my long-neglected house and finances, my hobbies, and my family.

I’m remembering that scene from The Patriot. Gibson is exhausted. He is in the swamp by himself. All of his men have taken a break to deal with their families, rest up, and heal.

He is by himself. He has no idea of when, or if, his men will return. Nevertheless, he is preparing to continue the fight.

At first, just one man returns. They see no others. But they focus on the job at hand.

Eventually, the full crew – or near enough – is assembled. But, the thing is, they didn’t wait for the others to come.

They handled what needed to be done, on their own. No matter that no others would join them.

For many of us, the Election Theft of 2020 was a defeat. The real question is, was that the final battle, or just one more fight in a long slog?

You may be out of energy – for now. You may need to pull back, re-group, visit your families, tend to your business, and heal any wounds.

That’s fine – we all do need some R & R, at times.

But, don’t tarry too long in the fleshpots. You are needed at the front.

Where is the front? Well, we COULD do as we have, and be reactive to the attacks of the Left.

Or, we could be PRO-active, and decide on the battleground for ourselves.

What’s your preferred battleground?

Where will you be when the fight starts?


    • Stuart on May 8, 2021 at 6:43 PM

    Perhaps things will unfold as in the John Ross novel “Unintended Consequences”.
    e.g. Random individual acts of retribution.
    Then again, unbridled apathy may signal that America is truly over.
    That would be a pity… but it is the way to bet, methinks.

  1. And, if it is over – and I don’t believe that it is – I will join with those who will work to build another, freer place.

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