Two lunatic objectives.

The language of a human rights ideology defined in a multitude of gender and diversity iterations has seized the Brussels discourse. Some might welcome this development in principle, viewing it as righting ancient injustices. However, it should be understood that it is rooted not so much in human compassion, but is firmly seated in power dynamics, and, what’s more, a particularly dangerous set of power dynamics.

One the one hand, the ‘Biden agenda’ is primarily about ousting a deeply-rooted constituency of Americans (Red America) permanently from power.

He says it explicitly.

And on the other, as Blinken repeats and endlessly insists, the U.S.-shaped rules-based order must prevail in the world.[1]

To which agenda normal people and countries can only respond, “Keep it up, mothertruckers. Tickle them ivories like you’re some kind of gift to humanity. Sure. We’ll buy that.”


  1. the highest court in the land is corrupt in its ludicrous manipulation of language (not a tax, penumbral emanations, female includes tranny), upending of the obvious constitutional scheme (interstate everything), and groveling cowardice in the face of a leftist coup d’etat (no standing) and
  2. we refuse to (a) keep our streets safe by enforcing our laws against riot, arson, looting, theft, vandalism, assault, mayhem, murder and (b) cave like the pussies we are in the face of plaintive cries of “asylum” and refuse to enforce our borders,

just who are we to lecture the world on the supposed rules-based international order? (Did I mention our arrogant, arbitrary, regime-change and sanctions-happy criminality here and there?)

As for disappearing the white, Christian founders, builders and owners of this country, well, let’s just say it’s a first in world history. I am a firm believer in the notion that there’s nothing new under the sun. I read that somewhere. But I honestly do believe that institutionalized self-loathing is absolutely new in this vale of tears. Thank you, addle-brained progressives.

[1] “The Butterfly Effect Re-Setting The Global Paradigm.” By Alastair Crooke, ZeroHedge, 5/10/21 (bolding removed).

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    • Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) on May 10, 2021 at 5:09 PM

    Although they are clearly our global antagonists (“enemies” is too strong, at least for now) the Chinese accurately tongue-lashed Blinken, et al. in Alaska.  Where, indeed, do we (more accurately, the cabal currently in power) get off telling the rest of the world how to govern themselves when the streets of most of our larger cities are war zones, the populace is drug-addicted, pornography addled zombies, our economy is careening out of control and our illegitimate, fraudulently installed (p)resident is a dementia patient, occasionally paraded out in front of a teleprompter to recite a script of lies, while his only surviving son rakes in cash from foreign governments?

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