A Bee That Stings Like Muhammad Ali

     You really can’t do it any better than this, from the Babylon Bee:


Nation Wishes Someone Would Have Warned Them About Dangers Of Unchecked Government Power

     U.S.—Concerned citizens from all over the nation were really pitying their unfortunate lot in life that not a single individual in recent memory had risen up to warn them about the dangers of unchecked government power amid reports of gas shortages, rapidly rising prices on just about everything, and everyone in power lecturing them about pronouns and face coverings every day.

     “Oh! Woe is us,” exclaimed one man waiting in an hour-long queue at a gasoline station so he could fill up grocery bags with the scarce fuel. “How did it ever come to this without even one person warning us about what would happen?”

     “It’s like our government officials just did whatever they felt like doing with no regard to the Constitution and now we’re in a big mess and no one even bothered to warn us,” mourned another citizen.

     “If someone had run for office warning about all these things, I would have definitely voted for that guy,” declared one woman who had lost her business and was now waiting in line to fill up her plastic bags too. “Even if he wasn’t the most charismatic or smooth-talking of the bunch. We just needed an honest guy to come around, like a sweet grandpa, and I don’t know, maybe if this honest grandpa tried to explain basic economics, obscure monetary policy, and the Constitution, and we all voted for him, maybe we’d all be better off right now. How crazy that in a country as big as ours, no one like that ever ran for office?”

     There have been aspirants to high office who’ve talked a good game…for a while. Some have even behaved approximately as we’d hoped when we elected them. But Dr. Ron Paul, former Representative of Texas’s 14th and 22nd Congressional Districts and several times a candidate for the presidency, is the unchallenged champion of a free, Constitutional order. (Yes, Dr. Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky, is one of his sons.)

     There are people who’ll tell you that the degree of freedom and constraint of government the Constitution prescribes is “unrealistic in this day and age.” They’ll prattle about “emergencies,” “necessities,” and “the greater good.” But they never, ever dare to grapple with why we have a Constitution in the first place. Ask one such person, “Why do we have a Supreme Law, and why did the Founding Fathers make it difficult to change?” and you’ll get nothing intelligible.

     Ron Paul understands why. He always has. At the age of eighty-five, he remains a better, more honest man than anyone now in federal office, with the possible exception of his son. And he’s never received the attention or the respect he deserves. More fools we.


    • NITZAKHON on May 14, 2021 at 1:41 PM

    I met Ron Paul in 2007-ish.  He and several other GOP hopefuls were out campaigning.  I liked what he said, though I was leaning towards Fred!, but…

    His followers – acolytes – were rude, obnoxious, interrupted other speakers, and in general were a nuisance presence that made listening to anyone else very difficult.  And he said not one word to keep them in check.

    I concluded that if he could not keep a handful of people in order, how is he going to shepherd the country.

    1. Unfortunately, a fair number of quite serious people in the liberty movement are a bit deficient in manners. But then, we’ve been demeaned, defamed as “Nazis,” and generally kicked around for a lot of years now. That tends to leave a residue of bitterness.

      Take a look into the history of the John Birch Society. This is an entirely admirable group of patriotic Americans. Yet the slanders that have been heaped upon them are mountainous. That’s what the anti-liberty types always do to anyone who speaks clearly, unambiguously, about the Constitution, the purpose of the Constitution, and the innate, inalienable rights of the individual.

  1. Ron Paul’s problem was not just his followers; he was, to a great degree, inartful at working with fools, crooks, and other ne’er-do-wells.

    That’s why I supported Trump. He didn’t expect to be working with angels. He was well aware of the advantages of cynically offering a bribe, rather than fighting bureaucracy. Also knew when to hold the line and DARE someone to follow through with a threat.

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