Can’t Make This Stuff Up Dept.

Asian-Americans need to locate anti-Asian violence as part of a pattern of white [sic] supremacy which also targets Black [sic] and Brown [sic] and indigenous [sic] people. Even if the perpetrators of violence are people of color [sic], the solution is not to fallback [sic] on racist assumptions.[1]

So, in case you were wondering, whitey done it.

No getting around it. Diversity is an unalloyed blessing. You can just about taste the gratitude and respect. The complete article by M.G. will leave you with no illusions.

[1] Tweet of Viet Thanh Nguyen quoted in “Hunting Asians for Sport: A Trans-Atlantic Tale.” By M.G., Those Who Can See, 4/20/21.

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  1. There’s a possibly-apocryphal story of a judge in a trial of a black male mugger who, that night before, had been mugged by a black man. Stating that he would not recuse himself, a voice came from the gallery MUG HIM AGAIN!

    These people are insane. Attack after attack after attack by black men, but it’s the fault of white people?

    It’s like a piece I read recently about a (Canadian) Rabbi who helped vandalize an Israeli consulate to protest the attacks on Gaza. It’s like the Jews (*cough cough* HIAS I’m looking at you) who want more Islamic migrants even as the ones here are chanting “Kill Jews! Destroy Israel!”

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