Why I want to catch COVID

So this last weekend I was sniffing, sneezing, coughing up my lungs, and even had a mild fever.  Not typically a day napper, I took not one but two naps on Saturday.  I couldn’t focus (unusual for me even with a cold) and more or less autopiloted my way through the weekend.  I did not lose my sense of smell or taste, so I emailed my doctor and was told that such losses were not necessary for it to be Covid… it’s a typical and common symptom, but not a necessary one.  They, of course, recommended a Covid test – and that I need to quarantine even from my own family who doubtless would catch it from me.  Horsefeathers on that.

One kid did catch whatever-it-was.  So off to the walk in care clinic where a rapid test showed they had… no Covid.  So I have inferentially deduced I, too, do not have the CCP Virus.  But I was disappointed.

I thought to myself Boy, for something that’s as ubiquitous and communicable as we’re being told, my not wearing masks, not washing hands and sanitizing obsessively, touching my face, eyes, and rubbing my nose while grocery shopping, and not socially distancing – this has sure been a bust! 




Yes, I’ve been wanting to catch this thing.  And for two primary reasons.



I do not trust that synthesized genetic material not-vaccine.  Period.  Never mind its connection with eugenicist / population reduction megalomaniac Bill Gates, it is just my survival instinct kicking in.  This thing injects artificially-created mRNA strands that worm into your cells and hijack your cells’ protein production system to manufacture the spike protein that then – in theory – sits on your cell walls exposed to the blood flow to trigger an immune response.  No, no, no.  Never mind that there is increasing evidence that these spikes themselves can actually do damage (see here, here, and here), let alone strong rumors of shedding to affect others.  And in watching the vociferous “fact checking” to deny all this, don’t forget Bismark’s dictum:



For a virus that is, even for my age group, >99.something percent survivable.  No, too many things are triggering my NO F-ING WAY alarm bells.



Let’s not ignore the jihad against Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc, aka one of the Zelenko Protocols – and get this, the gist of which is that Fauci was aware HCQ had benefits but pushed back against its use this time.  Never minding his own 2005 study and supporting its use against MERS in 2013.  TPTB also pushed back against Ivermectin which is showing enormous positive effect now that it is being deployed in India, for example.  Australia, too, is commenting on its effectiveness.  Yet it is still not approved in the US, is actively cautioned against, and any news about it potentially having clinical successes – never mind doctors discussing those successes – is ruthlessly squelched. If the goal is to heal and save people, it makes no sense… but it makes perfect sense if the goal is the Jab into everyone.

For a disease that hype shrieked is one small step from another world tour of Yersinia Pestis, there is a remarkable lack of willingness to try anything except for pushing the not-vaccine (except now it is in the dictionary – another warning sign for me is when the very definitions of words are changed to meet the current Ministry of Truth-style reality).  I know, I know, the generic drugs that have been safely used for decades, are off-patent, and are available over-the-counter in many countries so they just aren’t going to fill the pharma coffers like novel vaccines that the makers (and possibly the employers who mandate them) can’t be sued for if you have problems.  Never mind the ongoing problems, like over 4000 people dead in the US alone and uncounted people with permanent side effects.  Compare and contrast: the Swine Flu program under Ford was stopped after 25-odd deaths (number from memory – that fiasco was actually the subject of one of the books we had to read for a class on science, technology, and public policy that I took in college).

Fold in the desperation and pathological obsession with driving this into the arms of every person on the planet, even infants down to six months old (now being trialed) makes me exceedingly leery of this.  This obsession includes the growing compulsion to be hired or keep your job, be able to travel, etc., but only if you’ve had The Jab.  As a fellow congregant said, “the population control aspect grows likelier”.

If there’s even a chance there really is a plan to reduce the population through a worldwide vaccination program – no way will I voluntarily participate.




The second reason, though, is the long-term protection afforded by naturally-obtained immunity (also see here and here).  Unlike the needs-boosters Jab.  Why, it’s almost as though we have this thing called the immune system that has evolved over untold millions of years to be able to handle pathogens and their counter-evolution.  This is why Merck – you may have heard of them – said this as they stopped attempting to develop a Covid vaccine:

This decision follows Merck’s review of findings from Phase 1 clinical studies for the vaccines. In these studies, both V590 and V591 were generally well tolerated, but the immune responses were inferior to those seen following natural infection and those reported for other SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 vaccines.

Got that? Natural infection and recovery were better than The Jab.

So come on, Covid, infect me already!  You’re slacking – you’re supposed to be as infectious as a 10’s smile, so what’s the hold up?  Do I need to go to the local hospital and start licking doorknobs in the Covid ward?


  1. You don’t want to catch it. Don’t get me wrong. I have had the same disdain for the “professionals” during this idiocy, and for the tyranny that has resulted. And I’m highly skeptical about the Jab.
    But. The woman I love – a perfectly healthy, young/middle aged woman, is at this very moment on a ventilator, fighting for her life, due to COVID. I don’t know if she will live or die. It obviously doesn’t hit everyone like this  and the odds are against it hitting you (or me) like that. But saying you want to get it is [excessively negative characterization excised by the Grand Pu-Bah of Liberty’s Torch.]. Sure, the odds are strongly in your favor for a full recovery, but every now and then, the dice come up wrong.

    • Barry on June 4, 2021 at 12:03 AM

    I’m fairly certain I had the chinaVirus the first week of February 2020. No test, so not certain. But otherwise I’d just be happy to get it and be past it. I’m 68, good health, and not the least bit worried about it.

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