The stupid, pointless, greasy leftist revolution.

What are now referred to as superannuated WASPs managed it all [America’s achievements in the first part of the 20th century] while their impeccable manners hid their will of iron. After them came LBJ, Vietnam, social unrest, too much migration, and the deluge. All great states fall from within and America is no exception. Uncle Sam’s fifth column targeted the family and religion. The monopolies of Silicon Valley turned against those two institutions, as did Hollywood and the media. Once Biden packs the Supreme Court and adds a couple of Democratic stars to the flag, the undoing of America will be complete.[1]

Only imbeciles would so earnestly desire the destruction of a truly great country that enjoyed freedom, enormous resources, a homogeneous culture, and unimaginable creativity and productivity. They have worked unceasingly to foul their own nest, to replace rib eye with the happy meal, and to “flirt with savagery. The worship of perversion and unreason became bedrock values.

[1] “The Undoing of America.” By Taki, Taki’s Magazine, 5/8/21.

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  1. If you haven’t watched Bill Whittle’s phenomenal video (1:44:40) there’s one scene where he discusses being under the asymptote, and how people are so bored and fulfilled they have nothing to aspire to… except, perhaps, a bit of suicide.

    In attempting to get my kids to not waste food, I try to get them to picture a time when the lights are out, we need to be quiet to avoid roving gangs, and I need to sleep with body armor on and a weapon at hand – just in case.  They, and generations leading up to them, have lived lives of such comparative safety and luxury they don’t know what the vast scope of history had for people, at least not in a meaningful way – just “words on paper”.

    Ironically, my Kazakh wife and her family, when they’ve visited us, laugh at my grocery store in the basement. They lived through the collapse of the USSR; doubtless the older ones have memories of being told about Stalin’s starvation of the Kazakhs, wherein 1/3 of the ethnic Kazakhs were starved to death similar to the Ukrainians.

    Me?  I’m white-bread boy who has never known a true day of hardship or fear.  Yet, oddly, I’m the one seeing IT coming, and prepping, while those who you’d think would know better, are not concerned at all.

    “This is America, that can’t happen here”.

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