And you thought byzantine was the gold standard.

Byzanitine in the sense of dark political maneuvering, deviousness, and complexity.

Given the hatred of Trump in all quarters and multiple election irregularities . . .

It begs the question. Did China release this virus on purpose to destroy Trump and rig his removal from office? It seems plausible. The timing is unquestionably coincidental. I see a wisp of smoke.

The larger question, the 64,000 dollar question, is why didn’t anyone conduct an actual forensic examination of voting irregularities? That’s how we determine truth in America. The short answer is- the owners of this country didn’t want an investigation.[1]

This is a dated as there are audits underway as we speak but the author’s point is no less valid. The audits have been resisted tooth and nail and from the beginning the “mantra,” the “narrative,” the MSNBS/CNN/NYT pronouncments have proclaimed an election of singular purity whose regularity and transparency are questioned only by lemon-sucking minions of the Kremlin and the ghost of Joe McCarthy. The Republicans laughably stroke their chins at the enormity of it all but intone that, pilgrims, it is Time to Move On.

Oligarchy, plutocracy, and deep state hardly seem sufficient to describe what we have as a government in the United States now. ____ show is a less elegant term but I’ll take that over most anything else. With a side of kabuki (Japanese for song and dance) and a chaser of wholesale attack on fundamental freedoms, burdensome and proliferating laws, and arrogant, meddlesome swarms of officers. Suck the marrow from your bones type deal.

The solution to which is a whole lot of turbocharged skepticism, foot dragging, resistance, non-cooperation, and unalloyed (((populism))). Who the people are these days is a complex question as open borders have been with us for half a century; both major political parties are besotted with “diversity,” “path to citizenship,” and low wages; and blacks seem determined to nurture their concocted grievances and hold to the course of moronic rejectionism[2] ad astra.

The John Birch Society wisely warns of the dangers of a constitutional convention with few or any safeguards against a repeat of the Constitutional Convention of 1789.[3] That is true as to the work product of such a convention but there is still the ratification process which is a check on stupid stuff dreamed up by zealots and fools served up by a divided nation.

However, my objection to that route of rehabilitating our Nation is that it is too cumbersome, necessarily must deal with larger issues, and relies on anonymous nobodies to descend from the mountain with august proposals anointed by the high priests. What we need instead is to defeat the enemy in detail by state and local mini revolutions such as abolishing taxation to fund mandatory government schools. Self defense laws need to be revamped in a major way. Nullification needs to be embraced by all state governments with a vengeance. “Civil rights” laws need to be trashed. “Diversity,” “multiculturalism,” and the notion of a “propositional nation” need to be declared an abomination.

But these are issues for another time.

Right now steady as she goes is proving not to be an option. Rather we must rely on ourselves and return to our roots of popular sovereignty and rebellion in the face of oppression and rule by unreachable, entitled elites.

[1] “Let’s Rig the 2024 Election!.” By Brian, The New and Improved- Frankenstein Government, 2/7/21.
[2] E.g., children’s names such as Shaniqua, Airwrecka, Charhonda, Crenshanda, and D’brickashaw; loathsome rap music; a taste for riot, arson, looting, street assault, unwed motherhood, welfare parasitism, and urban destruction; and a decided aversion to academic effort of any kind.
[3] To say that those fine fellows exceeded their brief is an understatement albeit the result was good. If later treason destroyed their work I find it hard to blame them. What normal person could foresee the elite determination to foul their own nest?

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  1. I question the timing.

    I question that a Chinese scientist talked about China winning the biological war in 2020.

    I question that the Dems were so helpful in encouraging the mingling that helped the virus to spread early on.

    I question the jihad against HCQ/Zinc and Ivermectin – still ongoing.

    I question that for the “fairest” election in history, people sure are opposed to checks to make sure of that.

    I question that so many are opposed to common sense anti-fraud measures.

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