Payback’s a Real – Well, You Know

Amazingly, living under the same rules used by Democrats against the Not-Left is Just NOT Acceptable.

Eh. Live with it.

In other news, Jim Jordan and others are co-sponsoring an amendment to Section 230 (the legislation that gives cover to the Internet Overlords for their suppression of NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents). Unfortunately, with the current composition of Congress, it’s not likely to pass. But, putting it out there will give the NLDs some ammunition for the mid-term elections in those Leftist-controlled states. Again, and amazingly, even those voting Left don’t like the Not-Officially Censorship of of the Not-Left.

In a time when many are placidly going along with State Directives, it’s nice to see that some people Get It, and continue the Resistance. Considering tossing a few bucks to the Cause.

Overall, I’m pleased about the progress of the AZ audit, and the apparent fraud it is uncovering. There MAY be an innocent explanation that could account for the discrepancies, however, the fact that almost all the errors seem to be in ONE direction (I’ll leave it to you to suggest WHICH directions those voting ‘errors’ ran), would seem to negate simple error.

Once is happenstance.

Twice is coincidence.

The third time is enemy action.

Thank you, Ian Fleming.


  1. “When all the errors are in the bank’s favor, you can be forgiven for thinking there’s more at work than sloppy arithmetic.” — Me.

    That applies just as well to politics. Never accept a flip dismissal for a departure from transparency, honesty, or honest, legally prescribed procedures.

    • Steve Solomon on June 14, 2021 at 6:21 AM

    Ah, the loyal opposition doing its part to perpetuate the kabuki theatre in DC.  Where was this bill from 2016 to the mid-terms?  What a joke  

  2. As I posted on Gab a few days ago, paraphrased from memory:
    For those who believe, as most here do, that there was massive and systemic fraud that robbed Trump of what was – even with the Covid shenanigans – likely to be a massive landslide*, no proof is required that the Left cheated.  Though, of course, it would be nice to see actual evidence of it beyond rumors and statements and grainy videos.
    For those who believe, on the the other side, that all was fair & on the up-and-up, no proof will be sufficient.
    We are two peoples joined by a common language of English (to varying degrees) and land mass of residence.  At this point, increasingly, those are all we have in common.  Long term this is not a tenable situation.
    * I have no doubt that while the battleground states were the “ground zeros” of this effort by the Left, I also firmly believe that such fraud occurred elsewhere.

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