I’m OFF!

Nothing major, just a quick trip to visit family, and look for a 2nd house closer to them. The summer heat really exhausts me, we’re missing out on time with the grands/great-grands, and I’d feel better if I have access to different parts of the country, if the need to GOOT – Get Out Of Town does arise.

Having a foot in several locations gives me maximum flexibility, should the SHTF.

Plus, my brother and sister have been experiencing poor health, and, well, I need to step up to the plate on helping out. Even with my RA and asthma, I’m the healthiest one of the bunch.

We have several house-inspections set up, for a whirlwind blitz over the weekend. We’re not looking for Tara, just a nice enough space, with an acre or two. We’re not up to the intensive level of work that would be necessary to full-on homestead, but we would like to set aside some food and fuel supplies.

You know, just in case.

I’ve been whittling down my stuff to fit, made room for a radio, tablet, and laptop, and made sure I had enough unders to cover myself. Internet service may be spotty, so don’t expect to hear from me. I already posted about one of my pet peeves here.


  1. “Just in case” considerations have been on my mind as well, Linda. I’d very much like to do as you’re about to do. However, there’s an impediment to get past: my accountant, who also happens to be my wife. “What would we do with a second home? Would we get enough use out of it for it to be worth the money we’d spend on maintaining it?” Sigh. She’s also opposed to getting a motorhome, again for dollars-and-cents reasons.

    • Jay on June 19, 2021 at 6:49 AM

    If I may make a crass offer, we have just finished packing up the stuff from my Mom’s house here on the east coast of Florida after my Dad’s passing last July. She has decided to sell, it’s a 3 BR 2 BA ranch on just over 1 acre of land, full house emergency generator, metal roof, full hurricane shutters on the windows, metal roof, and a 30×60 (IIRC) quonset hut  ‘barn’ in back. Private water and septic. North of the space center, small community with farms nearby. Mom and Dad bought it in 2007, the two of them lived here until Dad’s passing. Yes, Florida can be warm, but not as hot and sticky as I remember South Carolina (Columbia, USC).
    Contact me if you would like more details, or delete this post, as you wish. Thanks for listening, and your writing.

  2. The weather isn’t the only consideration; most of my extended family is in OH.
    I’ll keep the home in mind for other people.

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