Reality Is Racist, Say “Fact Checkers”

     Accurate journalism about crime, it seems, “fosters systemic racism.” Paul Joseph Watson reports:

     If taking note of actual events, or faithfully reporting them to an audience of news consumers, is “racist,” then it won’t be long before:

  • Testifying in court that you witnessed the commission of a crime is ruled contempt of court…if you mention that the perpetrator was non-white.
  • Police departments – any that still exist – refuse to accept descriptions of the perpetrator of a crime that include his race…if he’s non-white.
  • State, county, or municipally-funded “community counselors” routinely caution residents against mentioning the race of anyone observed committing an assault, mugging, burglary, or act of vandalism…if he’s non-white.
  • Stating where others can hear that you were the victim of a crime in which you clearly saw the perpetrator is declared “hate speech” and is deemed legal justification for taking your guns, your children, or the contents of your bank account…if the perp was non-white.
  • Discussing racial correlations in the commission of crimes of violence and crimes against property is outlawed as a felony under the “shouting fire in a crowded theater” exception…if you dare to mention that non-whites commit the preponderance of such crimes.

     Read Charles Murray’s Facing Reality. PLEASE!

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    • ontoiran on June 25, 2021 at 3:06 PM

    we can have a legal system or a vigilante system. but we ARE going to have one or the other

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