An Off-the-Wall Idea

Right now, Trump is getting large – even Yuge! – crowds wherever he appears in public. Many are hoping for another run in 2024.

Now, I basically like Trump. He brought in a freshness of viewpoint to the Oval Office, and Washington itself. He certainly deserved to be returned to office again in 2020 – and, if the votes had been counted fairly, he would have been.


2024 is a long way off. Getting on the road is grueling, particularly when you consider the risks to not only health and stamina, but of being a target for violence.

It would – it HAS – drained much younger men. Although Trump famously has greater stamina than most Presidents, including those years younger, he is 75 today. And, he will be 78 in 2024. Not elderly, but certainly an age that is at risk for health problems, mental slowing, and lack of energy.

I would like someone to talk to him and make a suggestion:

Instead of running for President, announce that he would accept the VP slot, for the right President. I would expect most, if not all, front-runners would think that an excellent way to add the Trump supporters to their vote.

Once in office, rather than use Trump for ceremonial appearances (although he could be dispatched for some), put him in a Cabinet seat – how about HUD? That would be a natural fit for a man that was in charge of a real estate empire, and knows bill padding when he sees it. Get him to administer the agency, and clear out those who will not properly do their job.

After that, consider moving him to another agency, one that also fits in with his background/interests. How about Dept. of Labor? He certainly could cut through the regulations, communicate effectively with the labor interests, and get the jobs part of the economy moving again.

The only thing that might make this difficult is ego – of which Donald has more than his share. However, by accepting this unprecedented work arrangement, he could make his place in history unassailable. He would be a first in Federal government – the first to serve as President, THEN as VP, and the first VP to also serve as a Cabinet member.


    • Wilton Nice on June 30, 2021 at 11:15 AM

    I think having him as some kind of special advisor would be better.  At this time I like Kristy Noem or maybe Ron Desantis for 2024.  Someone younger as president and vp with Trump helping, I have come to really liking Donald Trump, but I believe it will be time to look a little further into the future.

    • enn ess on June 30, 2021 at 1:10 PM

    Have never cared for Pres. Trumps approach for most things, but believe wholeheartedly he was the Man for the job at the right time and place. He woke many of us up and whether or not you liked him I appreciate his effort and he amount he got done. He did, in my opinion fail to eliminate those of the deep state he surrounded himself with. I would have fired every single head of every agency and  those in any appointed positions the first day.
     But to the point of Mr. Trump acting or running as Vp or other. I simply do not see that as happening due to his personality. He primarily made himself what he is and I don’t see him playing second fiddle to anyone, no matter how good they are. It’s simply not in his nature. He’s the big dog or he’s going home.

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