Cartoon: Jab’s Witnesses and the Covid Cult

OK, the creative juices have been flowing, the cartoonist engaged and loving the idea, so here is my latest cartoon concept executed – again – wonderfully:



I hope you like it. This was inspired by the news that multiple places are organizing door to door campaigns.  E.g., in Michigan, Louisiana, Connecticut, Florida, etc.  In Colorado.  Maine farms and in churches and other places. Everywhere, if Kamala has her way.

But it’s not a cult.



So I subscribe to The Epoch Times, paper edition.  There’s something satisfying to me – call me old-fashioned – in flipping through an actual newspaper to look at the articles and something struck me a few issues ago, i.e., an article on rites of passage and how we’ve abandoned so many of them in today’s society (e.g., Catholic confirmation, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in Judaism, and other landmark ceremonies like weddings being shed in favor of shacking up together for years without a formal commitment – all marking a transition from one phase of life to another).  And it hit me that masks and Covid Jabs are exactly that: in this nihilistic, we believe in nothing age, the ease with which mask compliance and Jab acceptance have penetrated and conquered our society shows they are perceived as ways to become part of a broader community and, thus, address a spiritual need people have to belong to something bigger than themselves.  For example, people wear masks and “I’m vaccinated” buttons and stickers to signal I’m in:



And Jab sites even have selfie-stations where you can snap your picture to post on social media that you are now a member of The Club.



The preening, self-aggrandizing virtue signaling is being touted as a way to influence others to convert, er, get The Jab as well (bolding added):

As with any selfie, the trend leans into our desire to share positive moments in our lives, not to mention a certain self-promotional impulse. But the motivations behind vaccine selfies go far beyond that: It’s viewed as a way for the selfie-taker to signal to loved ones they are safe and vaccinated, a tool to broadcast being part of an exclusive group and a potential means to help dispel vaccine skepticism in others.

So look out.  That knock on the door could a Mormon missionary group.  Or a set of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Or… the Covid Corps who will doubtless chant SAFE AND EFFECTIVE as a part of their conversion pitch to get you to convert to the Church of the Covidian (post 1, post 2).


I’ll point to my mezuzah and politely say We’re spoken for; and if people come with syringes, I’ll meet them with my 9 mm.  We’ll see who leaves with a hole…



And with our host’s permission, though I will only do it occasionally, I am posting one of my favorite designs (well. favorite designs that so far have not as yet been canceled) – this one a bumper sticker though I have assorted mugs and T-shirts too – in the hopes that it goes viral, I make a boatload, and can thus afford to buy my bunker in the hills.

6uild 6ack 6etter


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  1.  DEFINITELY !!!
    (not a cult)
    Those people are mental

    • Jackosan10 on July 7, 2021 at 5:13 PM

    I have been saying for years that Progressives are not a political group , they are a mental health crisis

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