Extrinsic Science Must Be Exposed and Eliminated

Through its use of intrinsic science, humanity advanced technologically. Long before Sir Francis Bacon, the scientific method was employed and exploited by those who engaged in the practice that had no formal name.

Mathematics is the king of the sciences. All other sciences rely upon its intrinsic values to qualify and quantify their investigations and conclusions. It ceaselessly earns our respect and deserves our protection.

Extrinsic science relies upon the trustworthiness of “men of science.” Men who have achieved a reputation and find that lending their name to projects works magically. Their association with any pursuit adds weight to public perceptions. Venture capitalists usually seeking to earn an honest buck see their past successes as a risk reducer and thus a more sure guarantor of return on investment.

Unfortunately, that also opens the door to nefarious players who game the practice and seek to entrap even initially well-intentioned men by various disreputable means.

Fortunately the distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic science can be understood with the simplest of terms.

Two plus two equals four is intrinsically correct. And even two plus two may equal five is true, but only for very large values of two after the sum is rounded.

But claiming that two plus two is equal to 5, or 8 or 17 because a group of supposedly reputable men say so — and “the discussion is over” — is beyond reason, reality, and honesty no matter how many times the world hears over the megaphones “four cannot be the answer.”

No society that insists on extrinsic science can exist for long. Not even Orwell explored what had to happen to O’Brien and the Inner Party after they destroyed too many Outer Party members like Winston Smith, men who built and ran the machinery that permitted them to rule.

For the West to survive — should that still be possible — it must recover first from this amazingly extensive corruption. Assuming you are not a death cultist and do not care to be its victim, then among other things it is essential that extrinsic science be exposed and eliminated. That game must end.

Sadly, too many of its practitioners are out of reach because they are no longer alive. But the corporations and their political lackeys that rely upon their chicanery still carry on, still juggling to keep too many balls in the air at once. I don’t have a solution for that other than being as prepared as possible for the deluge of falling balls.

Maybe you will find these words insightful enough into what has been going on that you find a way to pass them on to a network of intrinsically valuable friends you will surely need as, mercifully, they will you. I hope and pray they help and do not fall mostly on deaf ears.