The “1000 Words” Edition

     There are days when a single graphic expresses my sentiments better than any essay I could write. Here’s one, courtesy of our favorite Bookworm:

     Militant anti-theists tend to preen themselves as brighter than believers. Yet all their arguments are patterned after the “argument” in Bookworm’s graphic. There’s a moral in there, somewhere.

     I may be back later. For now, have a nice day.


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  1. I do not recall specifically where I first saw the concept, but for the Left “tolerance” is not what they want.  They want acceptance – they want outright sanction of what they do.
    Look, I don’t care if you are truly gay.  Fine.  As long as it’s consenting adults behind closed doors, knock yourself out – same thing for hetero couples.  Get a room, dammit, regardless, if you’re that horny.
    But I don’t have to approve.  And I refuse to.

    1. “Acceptance” is just a way station, Nitz. They want emphatically, publicly expressed approval, from every individual and institution on Earth, and they’ll do anything and everything you can think of to harass, intimidate, and outright coerce the rest of us into agreeing to it.

  1. […] Please read the whole article. Then read this one, and ask yourself whether “tolerance” was ever the true aim of the […]

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