Another Dropped Mask

     I’ve known for some time that male homosexual activists seek to “convert” young boys – typically before they hit puberty and start to feel an attraction to the opposite sex – to homosexuality. The fictional group “Inclusivity” in my novel The Wise and the Mad was intended to represent the attitudes and operations of such activists. One such group has as its mantra the phrase “Sex by eight or it’s too late.”

     However, the claim of such activists for public consumption has always been that all they seek is tolerance from us hetero types. Which makes this report a straw to the wind to which American parents should pay very close attention:

     The pinnacles of tolerance are at it again, this time with a “message” that they are literally coming for our children.

     I mean they really, actually made a song that says “we are coming for your children.”

     Please read the whole article. Then read this one, and ask yourself whether “tolerance” was ever the true aim of the sodomists.

     I cannot escape the conclusion that homosexual “pride” is actually shame: a shame that demands to be salved by acceptance in law, the submission of private persons and institutions, and the protection of an ever larger number of allegiants, boosters, and apologists.


    • Tractorguy on July 8, 2021 at 7:32 AM

    ” I cannot escape the conclusion that homosexual “pride” is actually shame”

    I have thought that for a long time. It’s not enough to accept it; you have to CELEBRATE it. It’s like they’re trying hardest of all to convince themselves that it is normal. The sheer number of homosexual and transsexual suicides over the years tells that they know deep down underneath that it is not.

      • Oldfart on July 8, 2021 at 6:04 PM

      I’m a bit older than you, Fran. 87 in April. I grew up during WWII and absorbed the reports of the War Crimes trials in Nuremburg. Like most Americans I was sickened by the testimony regarding the Holocaust. I simply could not understand how the ordinary German population could allow such atrocities to occur.
      Since then my eyes have been opened somewhat.
      But with improved vision I also saw behind some curtains.
      I saw that Germany, during the 1920s and early ’30s had dug themselves out of the hole left to them after WWI. Just as the Japanese were pushed into war by zealots and fear of foreign domination, so too were the German people pushed into attacking Poland, France and Belgium. Sadly, this was a classic case of a whole population gently prodded into a position they didn’t want to occupy. It was accomplished by government agencies usurping the power to illegally change the thought processes of the population so that friendly neighbors became enemies.
      America is at that point now — on several fronts. Like the Germans, we
      allowed this to happen rather than “make a scene” for the world to see. Now – unless we are incredibly lucky, we will get a treatment remarkedly similar to what happened to Germany and Japan.

      But, (as always, there is an alternative; a terrible alternative, one we dare not speak of in polite company, but one we all entertain in the privacy of our own thoughts.)What if those “others” no longer existed?
      In America we worry about “curing” homosexuality and we’re rewarded with a promised assault on our children. Some African nations have no such worry — but they’re savages with no consciences. Or maybe they simply care more for their children than the fleeting approval of people they’ll never meet.

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