The Petty And Mealymouthed We Will Always Have With Us

     First, please read this article:

     Hobby Lobby is embroiled in another controversy after running a full-page advertisement in numerous newspapers throughout the United States on July 4 that appeared to advocate for a Christian-run government.

     The arts and crafts giant’s ad, which ran in newspapers on Independence Day included the Bible verse “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord,” was titled “One Nation Under God” — the ad posted about its campaign on its social media pages.

     The ad in question assembles a number of quotes from historically important Americans and institutions. All the quotes can be easily researched, and are accurate presentations of what their sources said or wrote. Of course, the militant atheists were immediately up in arms that a private company should dare to run an ad that appears to promote Christianity, Christian values, and Christians in high office. That was to be expected…but soft! What have we here?

     Mr. Weissman doesn’t seem terribly bright. The Constitution doesn’t forbid any private citizen or organization to have a position on religion or religious values in government. But sadly, there are a lot of people badly deluded about what the Constitution says.

     If there is any identifiable people – whether identifiable by race, creed, or national origin – that should be grateful that America is a majority-Christian country, founded by men who shared Christianity’s ideals, it’s the Jewish people. If you know an American Jew who shares David Weissman’s attitude, ask him the following question assuming you can do so safely:

“Would you leave the United States if its federal government were somehow to be staffed – all elected, appointed, and Civil Service positions – entirely by Christians?”

     Remember, I did say “assuming you can do so safely.” People nowadays are a lot touchier than they used to be.

     For lagniappe, have a little Tom Clancy:

     “We are what we are because people from all over the world came to America to work and live out their dreams. They worked hard. My grandfather came over from Russia because he didn’t like getting fucked over by the czar, and he worked, and he got his kids educated, and they got their kids educated, and so now I’m pretty damned rich, but I haven’t forgotten what Grandpa told me when I was little either. He told me this was the best place the world ever saw to be a Jew. Why, Cliff? Because the dead white European men who broke us away from England and wrote the Constitution had some good ideas and they lived up to them, for the most part. That’s who we are, Cliff. And that means we have to be what we are, and that means we have to stand for certain things, and the world has to see us do it.” [From The Bear and the Dragon]

     Apropos of which, it was a Jew – his name was Abe Moisievich – who belittled President George W. Bush to me because of his Christianity. Derided him for “needing the comfort of an imposed structure.” I didn’t hit him, but I admit I was tempted.

     May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit forever guard and guide these United States of America…especially in our times of trouble, such as now.

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  1. I am a former atheist, having been one fore 20+ years.  I was an atheist when I married my wife, nominally a Sunni Muslim but in reality also an atheist – and it was only after our discussions about having children that my faith reawakened.  Better late than never, certainly.

    I did not vote for Bush I precisely because of his comment – from memory – that America was a Christian country.

    Ironically, now with the perspective of more years under my belt and an understanding of a lot more history, I’d rather live in a Christian country than, say, one run by atheists.  And I absolutely echo the sentiment that America has been incredibly good to Jews.  (And I am deeply saddened by my fellow Jews who, JINOs all and Tikkun Olam worshippers, lean Left and want to transform America.)

    Sadly and worryingly to me I see, on Gab specifically, an increasing number of JOOOOOOS this and JOOOOOOOS that commentary.  There are bad and ill-intentioned people in every religion, in every demographic.  And I keep screaming at my fellow Tribesmen “STOP!” with things like migration advocacy.

    It’s also why, long term, I want to see America’s financial commitments to Israel tailed off.

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