Unsettling Connections

In my youth I loved the PBS show Connections, and subsequently Connections 2 and Connections 3, all hosted by James Burke.  Thanks to prompts and an emphasis on education by my parents, plus a (cough) rather high IQ, I became someone who often could see disparate things and put them together into patterns to understand the larger tapestry far sooner than most.  Admittedly, this is an imperfect science and I do not claim infallibility, but I’ve been told, as one example at a place where I worked, that I was “easily the most intelligent person who ever worked there…”  Parenthetically, that same person then added “and that scares a lot of people”! It may amuse the casual reader to note that I made a prediction / recommendation about aligning the design and manufacturing of the product line… something dismissed as mere fantasy when I was there. It was, perhaps, 3-4 years later when a friend who still worked there told me that what I said needed to happen, a statement that was utterly derided as impossible when I said it, was slowly happening as an explicitly-stated business need. (Did I get credit? HA, don’t make me laugh.)



So a month or three ago I was talking to a fellow congregant, politically conservative, and also a Jab skeptic.  He mentioned a book, IBM and the Holocaust, which I have bought and is stacked on my to-be-read shelf – time being at a premium especially with the younglings on summer vacation.  In his description of the book he mentioned how the Nazis, in preparation to round up people who were Jewish, would have door-to-door surveys, again and again, to identify who would later be put onto boxcars.

And, of course, being good Germans and all “Twenty Niners” (coined here), they’d comply.  Time and again, survey after survey, people would admit to being Jewish.  So when the time came, they had been tagged multiple times. Easy pickings.



So now the FICUS – well, more precisely his handlers and puppeteers – seek to have a Covid Corps going door to door to preach the Jab gospel lest some rube/hick/redneck not have been enlightened to take what is increasingly looking to be a vastly dangerous injection to “prevent” what is increasingly looking like a deliberately-engineered bioweapon; ‘Uniquely Designed to Attack Humans’: Stunned Researchers Accidentally Discover Covid-19 is a Man-Made Abomination:

Unlike anything that could have developed over time in nature and jumped to humans, Covid-19 demonstrates a unique design that was intended to attack humans specifically. This is, of course, impossible if one were to believe everything (anything) the Chinese Communist Party has said about the coronavirus. But considering all the evidence is pointing to the theory that Covid-19 was artificially produced through gain-of-function research as either a way to develop defenses against biological weapons or a biological weapon itself, we should heed this report’s findings.



Record the interaction.  This is on your property.  Record it; you are entitled to.  Be polite, don’t be confrontational – because they’re going to record and report that you’re confrontational.  Don’t deny anything, don’t offer or volunteer anything.  Just take their literature and say thank you. Make sure to get their name, and take a picture of them and their ID.

What will be interesting and IMHO actionable is if they know you have not taken it.  That sounds like a yuuuuuge HIPPA lawsuit right there. 

And some musings…

  • Are these people being deputized?  It is currently a crime, which has caught many, to lie to an agent of federal law enforcement – will that apply here? (Being the paranoid sort that I am, watch for the group having 2-3 people, with one being the “silent one” – I’ll opine that if they do this, they’re the one who is looking to catch you in a lie.)
  • What if they DO come to your door knowing whether you’ve been Jabbed or not?  Who authorized that knowledge transfer to – ostensibly – a civilian untrailed in HIPPA rules?

Many imponderables.  Incidentally, some useful – and I assume law-founded – advice here. It might also be worthwhile, IMHO, to brush up on a common-in-Islam mental evasion. Hey, good enough for the Left’s Islamic allies, good enough for us, right?




From GunFreeZone comes this great quote:

My Jew-sense starts to tingle when politicians talk about going door-to-door to look for people not in compliance with government edicts.

Mine as well.  But what’s truly frightening to me is that when you raise the alarm, the refrain is the same:

But this is America… that can’t happen here.

From the same essay about Good Germans / “Twenty Niners” I cited above I reprise a video and my transcribed quote:

Note the man, starting at 7:41, who recounts asking his mother about Hitler (my transcription, bolding added):

“…my mother who, when I asked her if we had to worry about a guy like Hitler, she said: ‘No, we are living in a Democracy, we have the protection of the police, nobody is going to hurt us’, so talk about warning signs there were plenty of them.  Did we take them serious, my family didn’t, never believed the Germans would stoop so low they would implement the threats one fanatic uttered…”. 

One of the things I have hammered on for decades now is the number one lesson of the Shoah (Holocaust): That such a thing can happen at all, and if it happened once it can happen again. Yes, there have been genocides and far larger. But none were done with such deliberate and mechanical intent, and none “just because”. The Holodomor and the associated starvation of others including my wife’s ethnic group, the Chinese, Cambodia, Rwanda, Venezuela, Cuba… all were done to advance an ideology, and/or to gain land / property, etc. The Shoah was done simply to kill off a group of people who were, ostensibly, well-assimilated members of German (and then more broadly European) society.



From an episode of the great sci-fi TV series Babylon 5: “Just shut up and eat it”.  Now we have “Just shut up and take it”; CNN: It’s Time To Make COVID Vaccinations Mandatory.  An embedded quote (bolding added):

Biden and other political leaders need to start thinking about the good of the collective and not just the rights of the individual. Doing so is not some sort of move toward socialism, as conservative critics inevitably argue. Thinking of the common good is as American as apple pie

And notice the spin, saying the common good is the highest priority and a fundamental American value.


Either the individual is sovereign or The State is.  And if The State is the highest good, then that is a functional definition of Socialism over Individualism. And while individuals can, voluntarily, subsume their interests to the collective, the key word to this is voluntary.

But never mind that the technology is proving harmful to people, especially young males.  Never mind that it is still experimental, and thus compulsory Jabs are violations of the Nuremberg Code:



Just shut up and take it.  For the common good.

No.  Gonna be an awful lot of people surprised when people refuse to obey, and resist BAMN.  Surprised… and furious that their anointed intellect good intentions are being rejected.



That fury at their suuuuper-genius good intentions being denied, plus the oft-discussed scariants arising and being blamed on the unJabbed, will not end well.

And the door to door surveys are the groundwork, just as the surveys in Germany – helped by IBM – were keys to the Shoah.  And anyone who rejects the Church of the Covidian will be the heretic. Heretics don’t fare well against an aggressive state religion.  Arm up.  Spicy time is coming; they’re gathering names. And the oppression and murder will – citing CS Lewis’ famous quote – be done with the approval of their own consciences.



>>>>>=== ADDED ===<<<<<


A friend of mine sent me an Epoch Times piece (paywall, sorry, but quote excerpted below) with a compare-and-contrast thought.  On one hand, you have HHS Secretary Becerra stating, explicitly, that the government has the right to know who has had The Jab because it’s spent trillions (bolding added):

HHS’ @XavierBecerra on Biden’s controversial door-to-door vaccination program: “The federal government has spent trillions of dollars to keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government’s business” to know if you’ve been vaccinated.

Then you have Spokes-spewer Psaki coming out to say soon after (from the Epoch Times):

“The federal government does not have a database of who has been vaccinated… we don’t maintain a database along those lines.  And we have no plans to.”

Note two things.

First, Islamic-level mental evasion (see Bill Warner’s video, above):  The federal government doesn’t have one explicitly dedicated to this, have plans to, etc.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t one… it just means, taking her statement at face value, that it’s not government-owned, or that it’s specific to this purpose.  Just like Fraudci wasn’t having virus gain-of-function done in the US, or funded by the US… they gave a “grant” to a private agency and then that agency funded the Wuhan lab.

But second, when I saw those polar opposite statements, a statement followed by a quick and precisely-worded denial, this famous quote came to mind:



They’ll know one way or another, and if you refuse – in the best-case scenario – you will be a second-class citizen in your own country. At worst, they’ll force the issue like already happening overseas, e.g., New Zealand. See the cartoon at the link.

Parenthetical aside: I had lunch with a former coworker a few weeks back. He’s gotten more and more religious, at least contextually from conversations… he and multiple others have all, independently, mentioned END TIMES. What happens in Revelations?

And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark … so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark.

And I noted on a two-part post on my old blog that in Judaism, one of the signs the Mosiach is coming is that the land will get greener (he shall come riding on a donkey’s ass – and donkey dung is fertilizer) as related by my Orthodox friend as we planted trees our last trip in Israel… and that a conversation with a Muslim on a business trip (the poor woman sitting between us!) revealed that the Islamic end times were coming when Mecca becomes green and, I’m taking his word for both the prophecy and claim but he came across as sincere, the city is doing so.

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