How To Say “Repressive Tolerance” So Anyone Will Understand!

     Twitter may be more poison than nutrition, but every so often a gem appears there:

     If you’re unfamiliar with Marxist theorist Herbert Marcuse’s concept of “Repressive Tolerance,” you could:

  1. Read his 1965 essay;
  2. Use the “capsule” formulation above;
  3. Simply shrug and say “I don’t care what Marxist theorists say or think.”

     My usual inclination is to go for #3, but in this case the matter is far too important. It’s the Left’s rationale for its entire program of today. Please read the “capsule” presented above, save it, and keep it handy for when some other good-hearted soul needs an explanation for what’s happening to us. The bottom line:

These are monsters.

     They are not misinformed fellow citizens. They are not well-meaning but deluded “idealists.” They are after absolute and total power, and until we internalize that fact and act on it as it demands to be acted on, they will continue to victimize us.


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  1. Thank you. I re-posted the synopsis but added a foreword for those who might be put off by the chart using some words anachronistic to the 1960’s.
    A synopsis of Leftist theorist Herbert Marcuse’s 1960’s teachings in 2021 language.

  2. Buried in paragraph 5 in Marcuse’s essay is a phrase condemning elements in society that rejects the Neo-Malthusianism of his time, one that permits the individual to survive and thrive.

    they are the essence of a system which fosters tolerance as a means for perpetuating the struggle for existence and suppressing the alternatives. 

    He favors promoting intolerance for all alternatives that impede our struggle for existence.
    Today those alternatives are being shoved down our throats. Washington DC has permitted and promoted circumstances that destroy independent businesses. They are heavy now into laws, fiats and rules that destroy the systems that deliver essentials from energy to foodstuffs to legitimate information. They are acting to eliminate self defense one way or another.
    Places where we find such impediments to the struggle for existence are also where we find increased dependency of vast numbers of people living daily off of government wealth redistribution. Well, at least up until the gates are locked and the spigots turned off.
    Such places are anathema to our struggle for existence.
    Long ago, you and I brought to attention of our readers the patterns leading up to this, using the words of those who believed in and promoted this demonic religion that the Progs call “Sustainability.”
    They hold as sacred not human life, but the need for human deaths.
    Put yourself aside for now. Do you want decency to survive? Know your enemy first. He who seeks deaths for its own sake may encourage you to surrender, but don’t delude yourself that he will be taking prisoners for long.

  3. Monster is appropriate.  Cultist is what I use.  They are blind to anything but their own purpose – they want to watch the world burn in a purifying flame.  Leftism is a religion.

  4. They are filled with Marxianic Zeal to convert the whole world.
    You can’t argue with missionaries like that.  Nor can you coexist with such.  Draw your own conclusions about where this will, inevitably, end.  Alas.

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