I’d Been Wondering When We’d See This

     It wasn’t quite unprecedented…but it certainly hasn’t been common:

     Los Angeles cops in riot gear went toe-to-toe with antifa yesterday outside the Wi Spa, where a transgender man took off his clothes in the women’s locker room two weeks ago, setting off a firestorm. The riot was clearly planned.

     Despite the naughty words and Twitter bravado, antifa got pummeled by LA cops.

     The fun started several weeks ago when this video of a woman complaining about a man in the women’s room went viral. She rightfully stood up for herself and the rights of other women to be able to use a changing room and not have to see a naked man.

     The masked Sallies of antifa are usually coddled by cops, but that didn’t happen this time. This video shows the fascion-istas tossing a smoke bomb toward cops and the police using their batons to teach the clowns some manners.

     Before you start cheering, ask the critical question: Why now? Cities have burned. People have been killed in the attempt to defend their livelihoods. Public officials have wrung their hands as if helpless, if they haven’t made excuses for the rioters. The police have stood by in nearly every case.

     So why now?

     Because rice bowls trump causes.

     AntiFa is among the visible components of the anti-police trend on the Left. Virtually the whole of the activist Left has pushed defunding the police as a major goal. The arguments are all drearily familiar, “racism” being the most prominent. Absolute reductions in police department budgets have been passed in dozens of Democrat-controlled cities. The police appear to be getting the message: Their livelihoods are on the line.

     What was it Dennis Hopper’s character said in Speed about not messing with a man’s livelihood? For most of us, a threat to the income eclipses all other priorities. It’s the most likely reason the L.A. police decided to act. A rebirth of the sense of duty among them is far less credible.

     Coalitions are like this. There’s nothing more fractious than a coalition of groups with divergent (not to say clashing) agendas. Now that the “defund the police” movement has gained ground in several cities, American police must face the possibility of losing their jobs, and their status in their communities. Police union organizers must face the possibility of losing everything. It’s a wedge entirely capable of splitting the police unions off from the rest of the Democrat gaggle.

     Parental uprisings against “critical race theory” in the government-run schools could have a similar effect. “Educators” are beginning to see the threat to their own privileged careers. So are the members of school boards and state education departments. There are already some glimmerings. Stay tuned.


    • robert orians on July 19, 2021 at 6:22 AM

    Sadly when the time comes for the orcs to crush our civil rights I am sure they will choose their pensions and free lifetime HMO insurance over our rights . It doesn’t look like a bright spot to me . 

  1. Regarding school boards…

    Please understand that I do not advocate violence against them.  I abjure such and will be sad if something happens.  But, as this snippet from MassResistance shows, they’re BOUND AND DETERMINED to pervert and twist our children.

    Sooner or later someone’s going to snap when one of these school board elites smirks too hard and is too haughty.  Given some of the sh-t I’ve seen them saying and doing, my honest answer would be “Well, maybe they needed some killing”.

    1. “He needed killin'” was once a valid defense against a murder charge in Texas!

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