Something Unexpected

     Liberty’s Torch isn’t a well-known, heavily-trafficked site. Thus I don’t expect to receive a great deal of email from persons with a significant public profile. I get a little of it…evenly split, as you might imagine, between applause and razzberries. So the following, which arrived in the email moments ago, came as a surprise.

     I hadn’t heard of Shawn Gallaway before this. He seems to be a good guy. (He’s certainly got a nice tenor voice, which I, who sound more like a rusted-out Great Lakes foghorn with emphysema and gout, envy him.) We’ve been pleading for more pro-freedom, pro-America cultural contributions, so give him a look.

     An artist who proclaims that “Love is the answer” is heartwarming in these days of division and distrust. That’s one of the core themes of In Vino, so I definitely resonate to it. Just take care to avoid the old “Free Love” canard. We who endured the Sixties and Seventies know from painful experience that “free love” is invariably the most expensive sort!