A concept more honored in the breach of it.

Lead Engineer:

It is obvious now that the intelligence agencies are now doing more to undermine the country than to protect it. These agencies need to have a top to bottom process engineering review to see what the objectives are, how work is being managed and who is working on what. Anyone and anything not directly working on national security needs to be eliminated, just like downsizing and restructuring in corporate America.


And not some BS version of national security, like investigating Trump supporters simply for being his supporters, or for “trespassing” into the Capitol building (despite being ushered in by their police officers). ACTUAL national security, like Antifa/BLM, true terrorists/jihadists, drug cartels, human traffickers, the million+ illegals streaming unchecked across our southern border. You know, REAL security issues.[1]

Being a normal, productive, patriotic citizen now is like visiting the doc because of a broken arm and having him do the rubber hammer on your knee deal. One goes nuts waiting for even the most rudimentary of common sense official actions to be initiated while patently absurd notions are obsessively pushed at every level. Mentally disturbed people with sexual identity issues. Men having periods. U.S. troops all over the world defending God knows what but not a one defending the actual U.S. border against invasion. Routine, top priority stuff.

American politicians and officials are like Igor in “Young Frankenstein” when Dr. Frankenstein asks him how long has he had his hump. Igor respons, “What hump?” Except they’re like that with genuine national security issues. Forty thousand American factories and all their jobs can be shipped to China and millions of Americans are pushed to the edge of penury and their lives turned upside down. What national security issue? Vile leftist filth taking over American streets? Is that a problem? Lunatic spending? Chill out, bro. Nothing to fret about.

[1] Comments on “Russiagate: Luke Harding’s Hard Sell.” By Joe Lauria, ZeroHedge, 7/18/21.