Pearls of expression — covid edition.

Why these [totalitarian] measures when the HCQ and Ivermectin cures are available and when the deaths and cases claimed for Covid were exaggerated in order to increase fear?

Why are dissenting scientists and medical professionals silenced?

The entire “pandemic” has been conducted outside the realm of evidence. That should tell you that very much is wrong with the narrative.[1]

The whole campaign to deplatform people discussing actual treatment alternatives — “misinformation” SHMG — to vaccination has been vile and dishonest. When did free people become answerable to toads who decide what is and what isn’t “misinformation” and that “actual” misinformation will cause unacceptable damage to simple minds?

[1] “How the Covid ‘Pandemic’ Was Orchestrated.”
By Paul Craig Roberts, The Unz Review, 7/15/21.


  1. This same silencing applies to the whole climate change scare.

    TRUTH does not mind being challenged.  A LIE cannot stand being challenged.

  2. Quite so about climate change.  Drought and fire on the West Coast?  CC.  Torrential rains in Germany and Inner Mongolia?  CC.  But, more to the point, the climate “aristocracy” went after dissidents to bury their scientific papers and deny them positions and advancement if memory serves me.  The science is settled and the consensus proves, etc., etc.  No heretics need apply.

    I’ll be posting a link to a very fine article on how the health care, pharmaceutical, media combo went ballistic over reputable scientists who dared to question the lockdowns.  Let us say there was an outpouring of hostility and leave it at that.

    • George Mckay on July 20, 2021 at 7:28 PM

    We have been watching the coverage of the flooding in Germany and I just wait for the “climate change” bs to unfold. It might be the reporter or the translation of Merkle but, all the reports get this into the mix. I am dreading when Greta Thunberg gets her say. She is now 18 so she is fair game. Wonder if ANY reporter or ANYBODY gets in her face and calls her for what she is – a shill and toadie of the commie left.

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