A Quick Alert

I’m heading out of town for a few days. The Lord of the Manor will be staying behind, this trip.

We’re still trying to nail down a house:

  • That we can afford without dipping into our retirement funds, and that will not require a bridge loan.
  • That is big enough to give us some space, yet not so big that the cost of utilities will bankrupt us. Also, not too big because, I hate to clean.
  • We need separate rooms for our “stuff” – he likes to put his stuff in Craftsman carts, and little cubbyholes. My stuff is mostly technical/radio/computer.
  • I need a separate office for my insurance stuff, with locking file cabinets. When I work, I’m mostly portable these days, but I do need a separate, quiet room for phone calls/video conferences.
  • A decent-sized kitchen for him, a 1st floor bathroom for me, and, for us both, laundry facilities that don’t require trips up and down stairs.
  • Near enough to medical facilities that we don’t have to be life-flighted if there is a major problem.
  • Would like: a patio/deck, a place to put a garden. No HOA. Room for a radio antenna and my radios (I’m willing to share space in my office).

But, real estate is moving fast, and we’ve missed the window of opportunity several times, by not being able to tour a house as soon as it hits the market. So, I’m going to do a blitz, and cross my fingers that I can weed out the possibles, and get him to make a decision.

All of which explains why I’m likely not to have a lot of time to post. Well, unless I have trouble sleeping, as I often do in strange houses (like my daughter’s – not that they are strange or the house is odd in some way).