Idaho Governor’s Message to Californians.


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    • enn ess on July 22, 2021 at 1:26 PM

    Finally a Gov with the people of Idahos best interests at heart, and one who has the cahones to call the woke asshats on their BS as well. He’s clearly not enamored with the current influx of new residents specifically kalifonicans and generally anyone from a blue hive state. I don’t believe most Idahoans really want the influx  and emphasize with them, cause I live right next door and they’ve already ruined my little valley.

    1. The Western world cries out for people who’ll just blurt out the truth. Marjorie Taylor Greene is my current favorite. She just flat out called the government in California communists.

      That’s not a fantasy that these refugees will bring with them their dysfunctional ways. I think leftists completely and utterly cannot make a connection between the Marxist/socialist ideas that they find so appealing and the actual on-the-ground conditions that make them flee their spiritual homes.

      A woman once fled Austin, Tex., because she no longer found it to her liking. “I don’t understand,” she said. “I voted for all the tax increases.” True story.

      IMO, our only hope is for a general economic spasm. Be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes, but SOMETHING has to happen to reconnect people with the realities of production, finance, law, and government. For now people exist and can exist in a bubble of fantasy. I like to joke with a niece that I have first-world problems. They’re all out of Icelandic butter at the supermarket.

  1. A bit entertaining Colonel. Satire is so underappreciated that a satirist must arrange sidebar clowns in an apparent futile attempt to signal that’s his intent. The “mmmph, mph mmphmph” from the last presstitute made more sense than all that we see in the real world.

    1. I have to admit I started watching that thinking, yes, the governor of Idaho COULD look like that. When he started to make complete sense I thought, whoa, Ron Desantis of the frozen north.

      Delicious satire, indeed.

    • Will on July 22, 2021 at 5:45 PM

    Thank you Colonel Bunny for sharing that.
    I wish that guy was running for governor of Idaho next year.
    We live in the Treasure Valley, town of Star to be exact, and we see it getting more crowded by the day. I sympathize with most of these people that are taking refuge here. Many of them come here with the best of intentions, saying they don’t want to change Idaho. But, without realizing it, they are changing it. Many of them bring to Idaho their hive mentality, or bad habits, or their rude and uncivilized children. I’m not saying all, but many are.

    May Idaho stay free.

  2. YW. I see a little of that here in Wyoming. Much new housing construction. One California refugee couple moved in next door but I think I hit the jackpot as they appear to be conservative.

    Perhaps the basic benefit to normal people in other states is that, whether they departees are left or right, they are diminishing the tax base and anything that starves the beast in its lair is all good. If the diminish their new communities some that’s too bad but better the Shining Castle of Socialism and Stupidity hit the wall as an object lesson AND as a further drain on federal resources as the national left tries to service its supporters.

    Perhaps not comparable, but Venezuela is precisely in my category of “let it rip” American foreign policy. Meaning, don’t even think about intervening but let the socialists have free rein. Interference changes the focus to “the gringos destroyed the goodness of the system.”

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