The Meaning of Blood Feud, and How it Affects You Today

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Now, this puts the WWI-WWII entertwined and extended wars into a different perspective. The reaction of the Allied side – Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan (yes, JAPAN!), and the late-entering USA – to assign all blame for the mess, and the entire cost of compensating the Allied side for their expenses in participating in it – was, in many peoples’ minds, the proximate cause of the rise of the Third Reich, and WWII.

Never mind that Hitler managed to get both Italy and Japan to fight on his side. Never mind that, in the early days of the Third Reich, Russia sided with it (bolded sections found here):

“The war in Europe began on 23 August 1939, when the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed a pact that created a partnership between them in dividing up Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. Under the terms of this pact, the German Wehrmacht moved into western Poland on 1 September 1939, and the Soviet Red Army moved en masse into eastern Poland sixteen days later.”

Only later, when the German Empire decided they didn’t need Russia, did the Soviets switch sides.

“The German attack against the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, codenamed Operation Barbarossa, constituted the largest invasion in history, with millions of troops, tens of thousands of tanks and artillery systems, nearly 5,000 combat aircraft, and hundreds of thousands of combat vehicles. The all-out onslaught of the Wehrmacht nearly knocked the Red Army out of the war in the initial days and weeks, yet somehow, despite appalling conditions at the front, Soviet soldiers managed to rally back.”

This was History Re-Written, to blame a nation’s enemies for ALL the misfortunes of that nation, and force them to pay. It was done in Germany, but also by the victorious WWII Allies. It was done in a softer manner by the USA after WWII, when we used the Marshall Plan to jump-start the European economy – at least those that supported us. That later extended to our foreign aid expenditures, particularly in the Asian arena.

Blood Feuds are common throughout the world. They are often behind the oppressive policies of nations towards their minority populations. They are being used in the United States, at present, to force money out of White Americans, for presumed abuses by OTHER Whites against Black Slaves.

None of which exist today. And, with whom very few of today’s American citizens have any connection. It is a blatant attempt to coerce money and power, using past grievances to justify it and ‘pretty up’ the theft.