The enemies of our liberty.

Sam Jacobs has provided a disturbing and compelling picture of the Great Reset.[1]

In times when words and politics have broken loose from their moorings in common sense, history, custom, and decency, it’s important to educate yourself, at the very least, about how government has completely abandoned the idea of salus populi and its responsibility to be the guardian of our liberties. If you read about the Great Reset you simply cannot but fail to see that ordinary people are to be expropriated and reduced to the status of piss ant. Those people who survive, that is.

If government malevolence is a concept that disturbs you, consider two things. Many more things can be highlighted but consider, first, that it has been official policy throughout the Western world, and especially in the U.S., to destroy small business and jobs through absurd lockdowns that are in no way required by the insignificant risks of dying from covid-19. (Risks that have been wildly exaggerated by absurdly high PCR cycle rates and false statistical reporting, let it be said.) This is much like saying we have to shut down the interstates because the skateboard injuries since January 2020 have soared to 45. So, immense damage justified by absurdly low risks.

Secondly, you can clearly see the absurd government push to vaccinate children, the least susceptible segment of the population. This is a vicious policy that has nothing to do with an honest and common sense assement of the risks involved. It’s all about getting some experimental, supposed “vaccine” into the blood vessels of kids. To what end? Certain speculations are disturbing, to say the least. On the surface, it’s like mandating crash helmets for infants who are merely at the stage of crawling on all fours. (If there’s another way of crawling I’m unaware of it so I suppose that’s a redundancy.)

Given this kind of viciousness and dishonesty, the question of the hour, therefore, is what exactly are these toads planning for us? The observant and insightful Mr. Jacobs’s views are worth your time but, frankly, I’d rather not have to deal with information that shows very clearly that the nation bequeathed to us has been infiltrated by demons.

How this will play out is anybody’s guess. I take heart in Charles Hugh Smith’s notion, quoting Ugo Bardi , that complex systems like ours are susceptible to collapse. These globalist/reset swine who are so blithely meddling with our lives seem to think that everything will function just like before when 90% of the population of earth goes away (such soothing language). More likely, the enormous damage they will try to initiate will blow up in their faces just as much as in ours before too much damage can be done.

[1] “The Great Reset: The Global Elite’s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives.” By Sam Jacobs,, 8/__/21.


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  1. Blogging has taught me that less than 1% of the population took seriously the warnings that led up to the following. This time may be no different.
    The powers that be have long been the biggest threat to humanity even before Malthus provided them a temporarily rational reason for their hatred of lower classes.

    They hate any religion that holds human life sacred as such faith is the exact opposite of their beliefs and agenda.

    What has changed is that they not only can cull world population, but they can get a bunch of fools to accept a chip that provides loads of info. Such as DNA compatibility for the organ market prior to their harvesting a chosen “donator.” They also can monitor herd member health as that will bring a higher price.

    There is no end to the potential for money makers in the already operating cannibalistic society. And, of course, a potential for them to live almost forever.

    Today, or very soon, there is a means that satisfies a motivation that squares Darwin (the “fittest” are entitled) with the harvesters’ hatred of the source of unlimited spare parts.

    Without doubt it has been going on in China. As we are their richest market, this reality leads to thoughts that very few are willing to consider. I will pray for the merely naïve to be forgiven.

  2. It’s clear that China is heavily into organ harvesting. I fear that the poor adherents of Fa Lun Gong are the likely “donors.” I read something quite a while ago that a specialty transplant hospital near the coast had some seven stories and dealt in quite a volume of organs. I don’t want to indict China on such limited research but the hospital was apparently quite real and it is creepy to do the math on what might be necessary to support it.

    The hostility of the political class is palpable. You cannot do what has been done to America if you have love for or even just basic respect for your countrymen. I’ll keep saying it but what we are witnessing is something satanic. Just think, for one data point only, of the sculpture that that creepy brother of John Podesta has in his foyer. Diseased hardly begins to describe the thinking of people who created and acquire such junk.

    1. Awareness among  well-to-do people about goings on in China is certified by the multiple Oscar winners starring in The Laundromat. It contains one vignette of the abduction and viva-sections of a pretty Falun Gong, whose parts are sequentially put on ice and sealed in shipment container. Find it encapsulated in this review: The Money’s Not Funny and The Forced Organ Harvesting Even Less So.

      Given that China has been very busy silencing critics of its policies and practices, that this movie was not cut suggests they weighed the implications and decided it was best to view the monstrous segment as a swell marketing tool instead. “Oh c’mon people, it’s only just rumors; but when the right person inquires well then….”

    • NITZAKHON on August 13, 2021 at 7:42 AM

    A good friend of mine, former military man who said that I’m one of a handful of people he’d trust behind him with a gun when the SHTF, said that we are definitely due for a die-off.

    As I noted in my Eloi post, these people just sit and stare and smile when you’re screaming warnings at them.  (Well, not literally screaming, of course.)  It’s like the idea that the world they live in could not possibly shift negatively.

    In high school I did my American History report on the crash of 1929.  Leading up to that were articles praising the “new plateau” of the economy and how things could only go up.  Then the crash happened.  I see, societally & even civilizationally, the same naivete now.

    1. To fall back on my off-posed question, if you wanted to destroy the U.S. or the Western world what would you differently from what is being done now by the political class? That class can be ultra interested in the details of the lives of their enemies but the obvious lies about the vid go entirely “unnoticed.”

      Information about the destructive personal consequences of this highly suspicious “vaccine” is beginning to leak out and the absurdity of hyperalarm over a virus with a minuscule IFR is well known to the reasonably observant. That dog is loose and won’t come when called. What the stats will show about future births is still to be seen.

      Maybe this is all good faith effort to deal with a seemingly dangerous unknown virus but the studied refusal to keep an honest fact sheet going and willful blindness of the press as to the key element of risk (i.e., the IFR) make it seem more sinister. It’s almost like you can detect the odor of a hidden agenda.

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