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It’s seldom that I manage to sleep through the night. The only thing that keeps me sane is that I can get up, read for a while, and eventually become tired enough to lay down again for a brief return to sleep before my day officially begins.

This is a problem that needs to be addressed before we accept masses of refugees without recourse, should they prove to be a detriment to the values of our society.

It’s the first article that I’ve seen that identifies Afghans as the problem in random sexual assaults – or, to put it more succinctly – violent rapes – on women.

I’ve been seeing these reports for some time. Rapes had been rare in Euro society for years; this sudden rise of rape was shocking and unprecedented. Many of the rapists/attempted rapists claimed incapacitation by drugs or alcohol. For a time, this got them leniency.

I really cannot suggest that any refugees try this in America – unlike the EU, we have guns, a tradition of NOT calling the cops, and a lot of space to bury offenders of the public order.

CRT is the hot new theory that Leftist educators are getting excited about. The CRT that the educators are talking about is NOT the same one that is being implemented in America’s classrooms. And there are few people that are schooled enough in both the theory, and how it is being used, to fight back against it effectively. Rufo is one that is able.

While I’m on the topic, I really hate the use of ‘Educator’ to describe those who DON’T teach, but merely have theoretical knowledge of the area of study.

Teaching is hard. You have to start with the kids you are given (and, in many systems, it’s AMAZING how many of those who are connected or allied with the principal who manage to get schedules teaching the less-troubled, more academically prepared kids. That practice makes those teachers able to take credit for the excellent results on state tests.

My suggesstion? No one should be able to call themselves a teacher if they have not worked the job for at least 5 years, preferably in a system that has not stacked the deck with cherry-picked kids.

It’s damn hard work, both emotionally and physically exhausting. You balance between delivering the brutal truth on progress, with offering extra assistance to the kids that are not meeting the standards, while trying not to piss off the parents whose child is “special, and destined to be one of the great future leaders of the country”. It’s possible, but not if that kid can’t manage to get his nose out of a cell phone for two minutes, or stay semi-coherent for more than a day.

Dissent will NOT be tolerated! I do wish that the distinction between ‘untrue’ and ‘we’d LIKE this to be not true’ formed the basis of decision-making. Simply declaring that a topic, or a position on a polarizing issue is Verboten (amazing how German is the only language that provides the proper words to use in this discussion), is not ‘fighting misinformation’.

FACTS are actual observed phenomenon. OPINION is what you use when you ‘declare’ that the science is settled. No proof required, simply an airy statement, followed by the willingness to use force to impose that BELIEF on the rest of the population.

It’s never about the science. It’s always about the control.

Shine the light on their shady dealings; the cockroaches always scatter when the light goes on. If you read the whole article, you’ll see that this is not a one-time tactic.

Here’s a round-up of many links, and commentary on them. Worth reading. I’m not a purist, only willing to link to people who echo my every opinion. I take my news and insights from a range of publications. Maybe the Left should try that?

And, if you find yourself returning to the same people on Substack, consider buying a subscription. We need to support alternative media, when we can. $5/month is just $60/year – less that many magazines/cable options.

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    • JC Collins on August 19, 2021 at 4:04 AM

    My elder son is about to finish his course of work to become a teacher of English. He shares my love of the language. I hope he can keep that love, and share it. I fear it might not be possible.

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