What a CF!

Afghanistan is confiscating US passports, we’re on the brink of another hostage situation, and China is smiling in the background.

What to do?

Nothing. The Left MADE this mess – let them clean it up, or take the blame for whatever comes.

Now. If there were a Machiavellian kind of person/group lurking around in the background, once the situation has resulted in China making their usual moves into the country, they MIGHT:

  • Secretly recruit some Asian-looking and Black volunteers/mercs, and send them in to screw with the Taliban. Have them rough up locals, wearing the kind of clothing worn by Chinese/African peoples. Have them insult them in Chinese and/or an African language used in a country that China controls. Have them call the women sluts, and offer the men money for their women for the whole team to abuse.
  • Allow themselves to be chased off by gunfire in the distance. American cigarettes and food will be left behind, but no people.
  • Do this in different parts of the country, again and again, for a few weeks. Let the Chinese deny it. They will begin to be mistrusted.
  • Mess with the money system, dropping loads of fake Taliban money. Or Chinese. Get a lot of counterfeit money circulating.
  • Make fake videos of Chinese soldiers sharing stories about the “easy” Afghani women. Spread them on TikTok and other social media.
  • Send text messages to random Afghani numbers leaving links to “secret” videos of Chinese abuses of Afghanis (unfortunately, as the Afghans really only care about their own, we can’t use the crimes against the Ughyers to stir them up). Show them disrespecting all religions, but particularly Islam.

Sit back and watch the distrust and pushback rachet up. The Chinese will try to use muscle, but it ain’t gonna work on the goat-herders.


    • Punchy Knuckles on August 22, 2021 at 2:00 PM

    No Taliban ever called me cracka.

    1. Ok, Ali

    • Margi on August 22, 2021 at 2:03 PM

    I’m expecting a month or more from now when this is over and our troops are gone for the Taliban to start executing our people left behind in the most vicious way possble. Remember the beheadings, the water tank or the bridge with our people hanging from it. Now take that and make it 100x worse. And done on film. And the narration that America didn’t care about them so why should they. Every move they make will be to make us look like fools. That’s my nightmare future.
    Our military would never have the guts (can you imagine how fast Patton is spinning in his grave right now?) to do the audacious without committee hearings, countless meetings and leaks to every media available. marches.

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