The Elite Have Thrown Down the Hammer

Kah-mah-la has delivered a smackdown to the proles that infest the Non-Elites in the Not-the-Coast.

“Christmas has come early for Washington’s enemies. Literally. Kackling Kamala Harris was dispatched to Singapore to assure our allies that the hyperpower was not a complete laughingstock. Instead, she told her hosts that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is as kaput as the Karzai International gift shop:

‘If you want to have Christmas toys for your children, it might now be might be the time to start buying them, because the delay may be many, many months,’ she said.

Oh, my. Why would that be?

‘The climate crisis is fueling a lot of this. When we look at the stronger typhoons that have disrupted shipping lanes and sea level rise, which threatens port infrastructure as an example. So these are the many issues that are causing these disruptions.’

Get that? If you Plastic-Jesus-Worshippers (IRL, known as Christians) plan to buy your children (who, in a Just World, would be taken from their mouth-breathing biological owners to live with Truly Deserving Elites) any tacky presents to commemorate the alleged “birth” of that Baby Sky-God, you BETTER get started now. Because she knows that ALL them will be coming from China, and she would hate to see the supply chain stressed because those Awful People (tradmark pending) wait until they can afford them.

Challenge accepted.

I urge ALL Americans (and any other Freedom-Loving People who happen to live elsewhere) to strictly limit their purchases this year to American-made gifts. That would be the ones on this list – caution, many of the links don’t work well – that may improve as we get closer to Christmas), as well as those made by American craftspeople and sold locally. Yes, hit up the Christmas Craft Sales this year.

LL Bean – well-made, durable. I’m still wearing a 30-year old turtleneck – and, unlike those sold in Walmart, it DIDN’T shrink or stretch over that time.

Weathertech – Come on – you know you want that Cup-Fone holder!

Little Tykes – these folks, located in Hudson, OH (I’ve visited the place), have cornered the market on colorful, durable, appealing toys for the under 5 crowd. But, there are also toys for the older kids, including RC-vehicles, mini-trampolines, and backyard playsets (very nicely crafted, both that same durable plastic, and wood, too).

Liberty Flatware (not silverware, but stainless steel type) – what we’uns in the Flyover Country use when we’re not barbequeing.

My Pillow – don’t care what you think about Mike Lindell, but his products are Made in America. You know you’ll need a pillow sometime this year, why not try this one?

Original Mattress – made right in NC. Goes nicely with your My Pillow.

Kitchen Aid – although some of the products are made in other countries, including China, the principal product that we think of when we hear that name is the Tabletop Mixer – made in Greenville, OH. They are not cheap, but they are virtually indestructible, and the interchangability of the tools enables you to replace multiple items on your counter. I own one, my handy-in-the-kitchen daughter has one, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Multiple American Toy Manufacturers – everything from the Lincoln Logs of your childhood, to Slinkies.

Not American-Made, but made in England – Raspberry Pi computers. It’s not only a functional computer, but a learning experience, as well. I’ve owned 2 (3 B+ kit, and now 4). I’m planning to buy yet another to run my network in Lorain – they are cheap (base computer kit, less than $100), and, even with all the bells and whistles, seldom run more than $200-$300 total.

Vernier science probes and systems – made by a former Cleveland schools teacher, produced in Portland, OR (don’t hold that against them). Durable, able to be used from Elementary through College, and a good choice for a Home-schooler or Home-School network/pod. Good video instruction on setup and use, the lab books are a good add-on, and, if you get stuck in the learning process, shoot me an email, and I’ll be happy to send links/advice on how to get out of that loop.

While I do think many tech toys are over-rated, when it comes to science equipment, or tools to access online learning, you can’t beat Pi and Vernier. Worth the money – I’m still using equipment I bought in the 1980s. And, Vernier supports their legacy hardware still.

That’s just a short list of some of my favorites. Put your own suggestions in the comments.


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    • Bill Johnson on August 30, 2021 at 9:34 AM

    How about no Christmas “presents” at all? How about donating the same amount to a LOCAL good cause? How about taking that Christmas budget and buying canned goods for the LOCAL food pantry. Or better yet, buy a week’s worth of groceries for the family of the local businessman that went under during the scamdemic tyranny.
    If you absolutely must buy gifts, consider LOCAL-made.
    Just because something is made in the US is no guarantee the profits from those sales are going to things you support. If you go local, you can have more control over how your gift dollars are used by the supplier.
    In short, what would Jesus do?

    • Woodrow P Dingus on August 30, 2021 at 10:48 AM

    Kentucky Bourbon always makes a nice stocking stuffer.   for those who imbibe.

  1. Not bad ideas, had I not grandchildren and great-grandchildren who would not understand. Too young to take that attitude.
    But, yeah, for all the others, I have no problems with gift cards for local restaurants, entertainment, board games, paid sessions at the shooting range, ammo, local services (lawn care, car wash, pedicure). And, for those who drink, booze.
    Hey! Maybe the makings for a still (not only a fun hobby, but might come in very handy should the Apocalypse happen). Or a book on wine-making/beer brewing?
    Tools. Skills lessons.

    • Mountain Rat on August 31, 2021 at 10:31 AM

    I own many LL Bean products and I am a big fan. I don’t think anything they sell is made In the US. I could be wrong as I obviously don’t own everything they sell.

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