Saturday Miscellany

Political Donations by State.

I happened to find a link to Open Secrets, a site that tracks political donations by individual, party, political organization, and state. That last interested me, as I was wondering about the connection between money and voting patterns.

As you can see below, the outcomes in GA and MI appear to be as unlikely as has been suggested by those asserting Voter Fraud. GA’s donations to the GOP far exceeded the take by the Dems, and MI was essentially a dead heat. So, a huge victory by the Dems seems to be not backed up by verifiable data.

Similarly, the take for NC and AZ don’t match the REPORTED votes. Again, NC is essentially tied, and AZ is considerably in favor of the GOP.

WI numbers are similar to NC and MI – with so little difference between them, it doesn’t back up those lopsided numbers in the mail-in votes (those that were counted).

Iowa is the interesting one here – it’s political contributions are, like WI, NC, and MI, so close to tied that you might THINK they should have a similar outcome. But, no. They clearly preferred Trump.

So, why was IA so different in the final results?

I think it has to do with the fact that, in only ONE county, Johnson (south of Cedar Rapids), did the lopsidedly pro-Biden voting show up. In most other counties, the voting results were within normal ranges. But, in that county, the lopsidedness was striking.

A-ha! I may have found the reason for the disparity – a LOT of colleges nearby.

Given the propensity of the Dems to use the Young and Gullible to do their scutwork for them, I suspect this was a long-planned operation. It takes time to embed the poll workers, train them to cheat, and otherwise deliver the Fake Vote.

Why didn’t the Iowa Steal work? I blame the essential good-heartedness of Iowans. They exemplify Midwestern Nice and Honest.