Why Your Facebook Friends are not Responding to You

It’s not complicated.

They fully recognize that the entire basis for their self-image of themselves – that they were rational, fair, and not partisan – is a lie. They twist into pretzels, trying to justify applying different standards to similar actions. Every time that they think they’ve escaped a logic trap, OOOPS, Biden does it again.

Despite a determination to ignore facts (like that dog who looks away from the evidence of his misdeeds, and feigns blindness), they know. They know Biden – now openly failing to handle even simple cognitive tasks – was ALWAYS an idiot and a liar. They know he was morally slippery and prone to say whatever came to mind. But, they tamped down that knowledge, eager to put forth SOME alternative to Trump that had a thin veneer of acceptability to the average voter.

And, a thin veneer it was – old, cracked, and cheap.

It helped that most of them were determinedly in a bubble – seldom interacting with anyone other than like-minded friends, engaging online only with other Trump-Haters, shunning contact with those who might try to break their soapy bubble, and engaging only with media that completely agreed with them, and would shelter them from reality.

It worked – well, sort of. Enough so that when evidence of election fraud surfaced, they could wrap their “Biden WON!” rationale over the muffled cries of their dissenting citizens. Enough that they could play pretend about a few protesters constituting the Advancing Troops of an Insurrection! They got more worked up than Lincoln and the federal government did about the first days of the Civil War.

So they had their Fake Inauguration, with 25,000 National Guard troops surrounding the empty streets, and the press held at a distance. They returned from their shelters, and prepared to bring back Monkey Business As Usual. And, they expected the furious masses to fall in line.

When they didn’t, they increased the penalties:

  • They took away Constitutional Rights for the political prisoners
    • Jailing them without access to lawyers for months.
    • Putting them all into 23 hour a day isolation, using COVID as an excuse (funny, that threat doesn’t seem to affect the OTHER inmates).
    • Refusing to grant bail, claiming that the jailed citizens represented a grave threat. Meanwhile, releasing actual criminals on compassionate grounds.
    • Slandering them in public, claiming violent actions, while refusing to provide the evidence.
    • Delaying release of exculpatory evidence (evidence that undercuts the prosecution’s claims), a direct violation of required procedure, that could result in acquittal on those grounds alone.
    • They forced the National Guard to shelter in unheated garages, provided them with cold, partially-cooked, or inedible food, and, only after Trump offered accommodations at his Washington hotel, allowed them back to the Capitol to sleep.

In the months following, they have covered for Biden, limiting press access, bringing the old guy out only for heavily staged appearances, and using remote speeches to compensate. Even those sheltered opportunities were beyond his diminished capabilities.

And, deep down, the non-crazed Left knows it’s fake. They know this is a sham.

So, they are emerging from their homes, to meet in wine bars, and reassure each other that this is the New Normal. They are cheering on the tawdry performances of their Show Business Elite (have you noticed how much of TV and cable is dedicated to Special Shows, designed to prop up a sagging Broadway, the latest releases of Hollywood, and the Fabulous Folks of the Famous Gays (yes, I could have continued the alliteration, but I’m not cruel), including their TOTALLY normal Fake Families. Oh, and the new TV season! Gotta puff that up, fer sure. All Fluffy Fluff.

Even the death of 13 US military, and the wounding of many more (and Afghanis, as well) didn’t stop their determination to ignore those “terrible events, really, but unavoidable”. The advisors that surround Biden were so happy to get him on his feet and looking normal at the ceremony that brought the coffins into the US, that they ignored the Biden’s action in repeatedly checking his watch. Pity that the proles have cameras on their cell phones – and, really ODD that the so-called professional press didn’t seem to catch that sign of inattention and lack of empathy.

Oh, well, I’m sure they all just HAPPENED to be looking the other way at those times.

And, now, it’s up to us – the Normals – to persist in pointing out that The King Has No Clothes!


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    • Hedge on September 5, 2021 at 7:42 AM

    Why on earth are you even on Fecesbook? That’s the problem right there. 

    • Neo is the One on September 5, 2021 at 9:53 AM

    Fakebook? Bwahaha!
    No hivemind groupthink turd herd, ever!
    Human boat anchors will get you done in as they report unvaxed kulak untermenschen deplorables for a fully charged EBT card.

  1. I have family who are far distant; otherwise, it would be difficult to stay in touch (pictures of their kids, etc).

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