Bluster Means Nothing When The Enemy Holds All The Trumps

     I’ve long encouraged Americans to present their “leaders” with a healthy spirit of defiance. It’s as American as apple pie – considerably more so than any of the “woke” pro sports leagues. But it’s not enough to be verbally defiant when the Schutzstaffel is at the door, armed and ready to drag you to Hell. You have to be willing to act.

     So this article about gubernatorial defiance of the Usurper Regime got me shaking my head:

     GOP Governors are already telling their attorneys general to prepare for battle against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vax mandate.

     Joe Biden on Thursday declared war on the unvaccinated and threatened GOP governors when he announced a new federal vaccine mandate.

     Federal workers will be forced to take the Covid jab under Biden’s new order.

     Additionally, businesses with 100+ employees will be forced to either test workers or prove they are vaccinated.

     “Sounds positive so far,” I hear you say? Well, I hope you’re securely seated, because the laugh line is coming up:

     GOP Governors across the country are already preparing litigation over Biden’s new mandate.

     Oh, litigation! The courts! The toothless branch, which the Usurpers can ignore without any peril to themselves! Are the courts going to dispatch their bailiffs to arrest Biden, Harris, and their cronies? Or maybe issue a strongly worded cease-and-desist order?

     The military is now wholly controlled by the Left. The huge federal bureaucracy itself is heavily armed. Through the Federal Reserve system, with no more than a few keystrokes the Usurpers can bankrupt any company that fails to submit. But the courts will fix it. They’ll just cite the Fourth Amendment, and everything will go back to how it was.

     Yeah, right.

     I know the illusion that we still have a constitutional republic is hard to dispel. All the same: It’s time, folks. We are reaping the fruits of the poisonous, blatantly stolen 2020 elections. We failed to correct them forcibly, as was our right and duty from the moment the cheating became visible. The consequences have arrived. Imagine the sound of a train of empty boxcars coming to a stop.

     The country we loved and pledged allegiance to is no more.


     There is one chance left, and I can’t put much faith in it.

     No, I’m not talking about an armed uprising. While that’s still theoretically possible, it’s become plain that everyone is waiting for someone else to go first. Life is still too comfortable for Americans to plunk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the barrelhead of revolution. Hey, you with the mouth: You do it. We’re too busy replying to one another on Facebook.

     But there’s another weapon, if we can steel ourselves to its use. It has its own hazards, and will require more resolve than we’ve shown so far. Even though it wouldn’t require us to fire a shot, once again most Americans will sit on their hands and wait for someone else to take the lead.

     That weapon is your pantry, assuming you have one and that it’s properly stocked.

     We’re all familiar with jests about “the row of cans in the back of the cabinet.” You know, the ones that have been there since Noah first started measuring in cubits and the unicorns asked one another what all the hubbub about a big flood was about. However, owing to the proliferation of “warehouse” stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club, the majority of us have more than just a few cans of “emergency eats.” Most of us could feed our families on what’s already in the pantry for a week, perhaps longer, without going hungry or running out of anything genuinely essential. It might not be the tastiest menu we’ve ever enjoyed, but we’d live.

     So what would happen if the American economy just…stopped? Not forever; just for a week or two. No workers showing up in the fields or at the office. No incomes or corporate revenues to tax. No municipal workers cleaning the streets or collecting the garbage. Especially, no trucks carrying food to the stores. Would you suffer greatly?

     I wouldn’t, but I know who would: the elites in the cities. They have virtually no disaster reserves. They depend on a continuous flow of goods into their grocery stores just to stay alive. In three days they’d be on their knees, praying for the trucks to return. The cargo cultists of the South Pacific can tell you how that usually works out.

     Food riots are rare in our nation’s history. Few of us can imagine the chaos that would ensue in the big blue cities.

     What would happen to the District of Columbia, I wonder? It’s basically a big slum: a huge zone of blight, petty criminals, and welfare recipients, with a few ornate buildings at its center. Federal employees’ pantries might keep them eating for a few days, but what about the folks around them? And what would those far more numerous folks do when the food has vanished from the stores but the federal bureaudrones still look fat, dumb, and happy?

     It’s fortunate for the Usurpers that we’re too comfortable, too accustomed to our daily routines, to adopt such a course. Probably, at any rate.

     But not certainly.


     Four hundred million privately owned firearms and untold billions of rounds of ammunition. A hundred million armed citizens. Millions of military veterans who remember their oaths. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

     An armed uprising against the Usurpers might still be possible, but the odds against it are severe. A passive-noncompliance movement, designed to starve the regime into surrender, is only slightly more plausible. All else is outright fantasy.

     The constitutional federated republic called the United States of America has been overthrown from within. The Usurpers will ignore the courts and the Constitutional provisions designed to thwart them. They are confident that no matter what infamy they decree, there will be no armed uprising sufficient to bring them down. After all, they hold all the trumps.

     Except for the contents of your pantry.

     I leave the rest for my Gentle Readers to work out for themselves.


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    • D on September 10, 2021 at 6:19 AM

    Ready enough here. Let’s roll.

  1. I could improve my situation here (I’m currently packing up stuff for moving later this month). But, realistically, I’m going to delay until I finish the move. Just easier.

    • Mike Austin on September 10, 2021 at 10:13 AM

    My guess is that those governors are using the courts to throw some sand in the gears of the federal tyranny, saying “Your move.”

    And if the feds press on and get some judge to decide against the States? Then what? “Our move.”

    Things are getting more than a little “interesting”.

    As for rat holes like Washington DC, Chicago, New York and so on: Imagine them for one week without trucks to supply food and gasoline. Like I wrote: “Interesting.”

    As for me, I have 30 days worth of food, fuel, medicines, water and such. And my…umm…“Second Amendment Supplies”? Well taken care of.

    “Laissez les bons temps rouler.”

    • Margaret Ball on September 10, 2021 at 10:33 AM

    Best idea I’ve heard yet.

    • Steve Walton on September 10, 2021 at 11:41 AM

    I have enough supplies. I can hold out longer than Taiwan can resist a Chinese invasion. Bring it on.

    I have eats. Two weeks with fresh veggies. Six months with normal food. Two years in survival mode. I could get some goats and chickens and be set forever. Bring it on.

    I have 17,000 books with real pages. 5,000 movies. Six computers for backup. I lack not for entertainment. Bring it on.

    I have a water well, and a solar power system that gives me 30kWhrs a day, which is enough for everything, plus the occasional hot shower. There’s 500 gallons of propane for cooking and supplying the flame thrower. Eight cords of stacked wood for emergency heat. Bring it on.

    I have good, strong, decent neighbors. I live 200 miles from any major city. The county I live in can be isolated from the zombie hordes by blocking three bridges and using some dynamite to cause a few strategic landslides. Our police are on our side. Bring it on.

    I query thee this, liberal monsters: do you  really think you can suppress this entire country? People like me are many, and people like you are few after you eat each other. Bring it on.


    1. My new home is less than 5 miles from farmland. We will be able to have a healthy-sized outdoor garden, a cold-frame setup for the winter, a full-front sunroom, and a basement that I plan to dedicate to hydroponics.
      Any replacement windows will be double-walled for minimizing energy loss. Hell, I could set up an attic with solar panels and another hydroponic setup.
      Water will not be a problem – rainbarrels, and we’re only 5 minutes from Lake Erie. Snow is less of a problem on the west of Cleveland – so-called Lake Effect snow hits the east side.
      And, we have family close by.
      The house itself is old, with plaster walls, and doors that close off rooms for heat efficiency.
      I had to balance off being close to medical services, vs. off-grid living in the country. It’s a compromise, but a reasonable one. The city has more Latinos than Blacks, and a healthy number of mostly ethnic Whites. And, some hillbillies, too. So, I’m pretty sure that the area will not decay into anarchy.

    • Steve Walton on September 10, 2021 at 1:17 PM

    Francis, a typo on that last msg if you’d like to change it (can’t edit here, apparently). I meant “strategic landslides”, not “strategic landmines”…though I guess either would work! A Froodian slip, obviously.

    1. Updated, Steve.

  2. I don’t recall who I was quoting in one of my books, but “any city is three meals from a riot and three days from a revolution.”

    So, what day?  The first Friday of every month?  Ramped up to each and every Friday if there is statist retaliation?  That would potentially starve all Blue cities for three days before Monday comes ’round.

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