Watching the 20th Remembrance of 9/11 Victims

Every year, I watch this – either the televised services, or the ceremonies that were held at the schools I taught at.

The Southern schools do this well. Most of the schools have an active JROTC program, and the students take their participation very seriously. School leaders, community members – both present and past serving, the local 1st responders and National Guards , and, most importantly, the students (over the last 5 years, were not even born when the Towers fell), made this an emotionally draining, but very important memorial.

Every year, I find myself crying – for the victims, for our country, and for the speed with which most have managed to forget the lessons of that day.

What were the lessons?

That America was being targeted by Islamic radicals, not for what we had done, but for what we represented.

That the weasels of the Left could barely conceal their impatience to push any knowledge or memory of “this event” far away, and minimized as just a terribly sad but completely understandable expression of justified rage of the oppressed. Good luck with that, Weasels!

I was working, and preparing for our school’s opening (delayed due to some construction issues). We would have started with our first day on Wednesday. That was delayed another week, and in the interim, we lost a 1st grade teacher. Her husband, a helicopter pilot in the service, was several weeks away from retirement. She had moved from VA to take her position, and was forced to quit to return to VA, when her husband’s retirement was rescinded.

My husband and I had 2 children in the military – our son was serving on the Bon Homme Richard, at that time out of port, and our daughter was National Guard, and in college. Danny was smart, and, as soon as he heard of the attack (he worked in an office right near the bridge), he emailed me that he was fine, but would likely be out of contact for at least a few weeks. We trusted that God would keep him safe. He ended up going back and forth over the Pacific, ferrying Marines to Afghanistan, and traveling to spots around the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf.

We didn’t hear from our daughters until late in the day – both were fine. The youngest was with her boyfriend, later her husband, also in the Guard. They spent the next few days with their unit, preparing for what might come. As it happened, her unit wasn’t called up until 2 years later.

I’m watching NBC News. Hoda has an oddly inappropriate carefree smile on her face. She seems detached from the ceremony, and is smiling and laughing as though this was just another day. Savannah Guthrie appears to be more attuned to decorum, with a more serious mien.

Apparently, GW Bush is in Shanksville, PA, the site of the Flight 93 plane’s crash. Kah-mah-la will be joining him. Hope she manages to hold back that jacka$$ laughter for the duration of her appearance.

I remember my mother on December 7. I didn’t understand her feelings about that day, until I experienced 9/11. By that point, she, and my father, had been dead for several years. My kids are old enough to understand, but I doubt that my grandkids have the maturity to realize what a shock it all was – not unlike the shock of Pearl Harbor.

Schools don’t truly teach about these pivotal events. They are so anxious not to appear “Islamophobic”, that they don’t convey the deserved outrage these atrocities deserve. Similarly, students are taught more about Hiroshima, than Pearl Harbor. “Moral equivalence” is the order of the day.

There is no moral equivalence. The people who planned, and perpetrated this are moral midgets, privileged and ethically empty, nasty little thugs. I’m not satisfied by the outcome of the Afghanistan War, nor the lack of accountability that Pakistan has been held to. I’m fine with making wide swathes of “Pock-ee-ston” a parking lot.

Screw ’em.

One newscaster is talking about how kids born after that point don’t even question any security measures – whether TSA checkpoints, no backpack rules, long lines to pass scrutiny in sports venues or other large gatherings, and, now, masking. It is the ‘normal’ they have grown up with. They have learned to accept many restrictions on their freedom for the dubious guarantee of ‘being safe’.

My experience with younger Americans is different. Many of them hear stories from elder family members; many of them have former soldiers, sailors, and Marines in that group. They are often quite thoughtful, although, thanks to the readiness of the Karens and Kyles of their acquaintance, they are reluctant to state their non-PC opinions openly. When they talk in private with me, the truth comes out. They are NOT generally happy with our oppressive government. There is an undercurrent of distrust, disdain, and discontent with America’s ‘leadership’ and other Elites.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this sentiment was the tinder that only needed a flashpoint to ignite.

I may add to this post as the day goes on. If I do, I’ll add it below.

9:42 am – I thought I noticed that lying ba$tard Milley at the Pentagon ceremony. Little weasel should be embarrassed to show his face in public after that FusterCluck in Afghanistan.

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    • Danny Carille on September 12, 2021 at 7:51 PM

    The horrible truth is: the people who planned these attacks and carried them out were far, far more sophisticated than a dozen Arabs with a few flight lessons and box cutters.
    The Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were highly prepared controlled demolitions – no question about it.┬áThe “plane” that hit the pentagon was a fake – where did it go?┬áSame in Shanksville – what happened to all the evidence ?????
    We’ve been sold a horrible, treacherous lie from day one.
    Some people need to BURN for what they have done.

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