They Want to ‘Pretty Over’ the Wounds

The memorials – flowing water, ‘pretty speeches’ (well, if you don’t consider the politicized speech of the former president slamming the NLD (Non-Leftist Dissidents) as Domestic Terrorists), and and fervent undercurrent of “Let’s Forget”.

That’s the Democratic Legacy of 9/11. It was Terribly Inconvenient of the Taliban not to cooperate in a quick and “victorious” end to the Official War on Terror, and make those inconvenient videos, pictures, and memes clearly showing that, no, the Democrats were the cause of Yet Another World-Class Failure (YAW-CF).

I keep hearing about ‘Closure’. Closure is what happens when a wound heals – but, it generally leaves a visible scar. Scars aren’t pretty – but, they are an inevitable part of life. I’ve collected scars from accidents, surgeries, and all of the other nicks and dings of living a full life. I’ve also seen my share of lumps, lines, and creaky joints – the result of a life fully lived.

The thing is, we aren’t meant to wander through live as an observer. We are meant to participate, and, in the process, pick up some evidence – visible and invisible – that we LIVED. And, hopefully, learned from that experience.

We are disrespecting the memory of all those who died through a cowardly, vile act, should we relegate what 9/11 meant to this country to vapid speeches papering over what is still a raw wound.

We SHOULD be able to straightforwardly express our outrage – not merely at the Losers who aimed the planes at a civilian population, but also at the MANY politicians and their Elite Controllers who tried to bury the inconvenient truths of 9/11. Jayna Davis did an amazing job investigating the Oklahoma City bombing, and made some inconvenient discoveries that have light to shed on the events that preceded 9/11, including the FBI culture that, even then, was willing to sweep connections to the Elite under the rug. I recommend buying a copy of her book before it gets disappeared.

Buy provisions, plan a garden, prep for a long winter, and hunker down for now. DON’T go to DC to protest – TPTB are orchestrating yet another demonstration of why a Police State is SO needed. Don’t give them the fodder. Instead, give to the support of those STILL imprisoned from 1/6 – here is one such site.

Here is one for the lawyers trying to get accountability for Ashli Babbitt (they are representing the surviving family members). If you have knowledge of any reputable donation site, please put it in the comments.

On a lighter note, the Deplorables of Twitter (DoT) savage one of The Meathead’s more ignorant rants. It’s important not to descend into despair.


    • Seething on September 14, 2021 at 7:49 PM

    The terrorists who perpetrated 9/11 and scores of bloody killing before and since then were not mere “Losers.” Losers hang out at the local Gas & Gulp, vape pot and live in mom’s basement playing Call of Duty. Calling the 9/11 terrorists “losers” pretties over the accurate description that they were observant Muslims. Not radical even – simply doing what the Quran and Hadith tells them to do.  But we can’t express outrage at Muslims. No, we can’t even wear patriotic colors to a football game on 9/11 because it’s supposedly racially insensitive. So until we start calling a spade a spade, or a Muslim terrorist a Muslim terrorist, we are a long way from expressing adequate outrage.

    • Linda Fox on September 16, 2021 at 1:45 PM

    You make a compelling argument, Seething.

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