When you reach a certain age, it becomes unwise to trust your memory absolutely. Now, I’ve always had a near-perfect memory, so it distresses me when I fail to remember something that, upon investigation, I really should have remembered. (Note to married men: This is why it’s both important and hazardous to keep a diary, especially in these days of the Internet. However, carrying a voice-activated recorder at all times can be advantageous.) But then, there are those things that glitter brightly in memory that it seems no one else remembers – and by “no one else,” I mean the C.S.O.

FWP: (singing) ♪ My mommy said not to put beans in my ears…beans in my ears…beans in my ears… ♪
CSO: Would you please?

FWP: Whassamatta you? Too low for you to harmonize with?
CSO: No, it’s just that dead things should stay dead!

FWP: You know, this was a hit on AM radio back when we were kids.
CSO: Come on! I don’t remember any such thing.

FWP: Honest to God, sweetie.
CSO: Well, why don’t I remember it?
FWP: I have that kind of memory for music and you don’t.
CSO: Well, you’ll have to prove it to me.
FWP: And if I do?
CSO: (Walks away.)

     As I am unable to resist a challenge, I immediately went to the “world memory:” i.e., the Internet. And look what I found!

     I might just learn how to play this on my electric piano. (It’s got a really nice amplifier.)


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  1. Re your closing paragraph. I bet you need not look beyond Beth to find a really quick way to avoid the future.

    • Ohio Guy on October 8, 2021 at 10:53 AM

    I’m having that played at my wake!

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