The final stages of the universal franchise.

The fools in Washington strut around threatening China and Russia while Americans see Washington as the enemy. Who is going to fight for Washington? No one.

Not even the Chairman of the US joint Chiefs of Staff will fight for Washington. The traitor promised his Chinese counterpart advance warning of a US attack on China . . . .[1]

The worship of the universal franchise has made elected officials beholden to the dregs most ignorant people with the foresight of a giraffe. In defense of giraffes let us note that they at least have mastered the skill of grazing upon trees with formidable thorns but without injury to their tongues or lips.

No such skill exists in majority of the electorate of “our democracy” who can’t even recognize Supreme Court evisceration of the Constitution, foreign invasion, theft of their jobs, the astonishing betrayal of the off-shoring of our industries, the putrid propaganda that passes as “news” dispensed by our monopoly media, and the obvious campaign to replace the majority population with third-world people who hate us and wish to abuse our charity and institutions. (I’m not sure about that “our” charity deal.) The electorate cannot even see the thorns let alone avoid them or summon the will to eradicate them.

The result is elected officials who are morons and grifters who need never fear the anger of their constituents so long as they dispense sufficient cash provided by productive citizens, cater to popular ignorance, and hose the nation down with vile propaganda and filth. In what sane world would a freak like Nancy Pelosi rise to a position of legislative leadership? In what sane world would Maxine Waters have a say on anything more complicated thant operation of a toaster? In what sane world would George Soros, Bill Gates, Nelson Rockefeller, Bush ’43, Obongo, or Bill de Blasio do anything more than write letters to the editor?

“Our democratic values” ensure that men and women who are our natural aristocrats and leaders are excluded from political power, if not smeared and neutralized. The result is that the currency can be debased, small businesses destroyed, free speech destroyed, elections stolen, statues of felons raised up, sluts worshipped, privacy destroyed, and decency and common sense abandoned. The United States became hated around the world for its inexplicable drive for empire, its aggressive wars, its arrogant fascination with “regime change,” and contemptible, inexplicable demonization of Russia — all enabled by the patent upending of the clear constitutional scheme for state supremacy and federal emasculation. And by betrayal of all oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

And while this happened the so-called homeland — home to whom? — collapses into the continental equivalent of a California homeless encampment.

We really are on a trajectory of destruction and the clowns and devils couldn’t care less. The ameliorative, somewhat rational trajectory of the West bent dramatically downward when the franchise was extended to the parasitic, rejectionist, ignorant bottom. So now we have a burgeoning, fatal loss of legitimacy in “the exceptional nation.” And nothing — NOTHING — can or will reverse that short of catastrophe.

[1] “The Collapse of the American State Is Underway.” By Paul Craig Roberts, The Unz Review, 10/8/21.