Interdependency of a GOOD Kind

Horizontal Relationships, and how they contribute to self-sufficiency.

Many on the Right talk of self-sufficient families; some broaden that to the extended family, as well.

The Left prefers to think of “The Global Village”, and have a preference for a top-down approach (i.e., “the Government” should run things”).

Click on the link to get a more nuanced essay that acknowledges the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own destiny, along with arguments for working in small, local groups to reinforce the efforts of those individuals/families.

I’ve been reading and thinking about preparedness for the last few months. When I moved into my new house, I realized that I would need to prepare for emergencies, natural and man-caused disasters, and security – on a limited budget. I’ve been making lists, and prioritizing purchases (There’s a local thrift store that is my new favorite place – and, Mondays are 1/2-off day, so guess where I will be heading tomorrow?).

I chose the SimpliSafe system, in great part because I could inexpensively install the base system, and add on other components as I was able. It was flexible enough to accommodate my needs, and allow me to adapt as I had more experience.

I’m working on shoring up weak spots (locks, outside access, getting to know my neighbors). I’m also working on building up my pantry supplies, a little at a time. I’ll probably be using the Flipp app (for mobile devices), that allows you to enter desired items, and get a side-by-side comparison of local stores/pricing. I’m getting back to a habit that I developed when I first moved to SC; that of bunching up my purchases into a single-trip expedition. We did that in the Low Country, as local stores were pricey and often didn’t have what we needed. At that time, in 2005, Katrina’s landfall meant that gas prices skyrocketed (as they are now). By combining shopping trips, we reduced the need for gas.

And, when I say ‘we’, I mean that I took the trip with a friend, and we made a fun day of it – shopping, a little tourism, and a nice lunch/dinner, before heading home. We did that about every 3-4 weeks. I will likely not wait that long between trips (unless the winter weather makes travel hazardous), but I could, if I had to.

To keep the cost down, I’ll first hit the resale shops, then the places with advertised specials, then online. My goal is to reduce the online purchases to a minimum (Alas, for some electronic components, the only source is Amazon/China).

I’m already beginning to plan to lay in the components (seed, soil, grow lights) for gardens – mostly vegetable, but also some landscaping. I want to use prickly bushes to limit access to windows, bug-repelling flowers, and some indoor plants, just for the soul’s health.

I’m also making a point of being more active, and building up muscle strength. Gardening and home care are labor-intensive, and I plan to do as much as I can myself.


    • Rick C on October 10, 2021 at 3:20 PM

    Out of curiosity, how does SimpliSafe work?  If I recall correctly, Rush used to plug them.  I see from their website there’s a basic charge to get setup, and they say they have 24/7 monitoring, but no contract.  Does that mean just a regular monthly charge, but you can quit any time?

  1. A regular charge – $14.95 – for the monitoring (which you don’t have to have, if you don’t think it necessary – for example, if you live a ways out, and would just want to be notified if there is a problem).
    The system is flexible – you buy the base station, and add what components you think necessary – so far, I have door alarms, a camera, and motion sensors and glassbreak sensors. I’m likely to add on other sensors (a water sensor seems like a good idea in the basement), as I have more experiencewith the system).
    Also looking to a doorbell add-on – NOT Ring-type, which allows the police access to your system. Something I can monitor myself.
    The real advantage of this system is that it allows/makes you take control of your own security while they have a service that will come in and do it all for you, most people handle their own setup). I spent some time looking around the house, and am shoring up the weak spots. I’m replacing a deadbolt this week, and am planning shrub placement to minimize access to window entry at ground level.

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